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Jubilee! That triggers celebration, liberation, debt cancellation, and much more. The celebration is a culmination of a recollection of the past 50 years of God’s favour and blessings, and an anticipation of more yet to come. The liberation is not just from sin, but from bondage of all sorts. Financial freedom gets a special mention in the Bible.

For The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS), our nation’s Jubilee coincides with our own 130th anniversary. Our theme is ‘Moving Forward in Service’.

MCS 130

The MCS from its early beginnings has been involved in service to the various people that were already here and those who came to make this island our home. From founding schools and homes for girls and boys, helping those suffering from opium addiction, and establishing churches that provided ministry and community to immigrants from India, China, and Indonesia, we are inextricable from the nation that we now call Singapore.

Jubilee looks to the future too. As we have demonstrated the love of God through the many services that we have rendered to the people in the past, we seek to do more of the same.

Methodist Welfare Services will launch a programme to help some people we know to ‘Get Out Of Debt’ (‘GOOD’), a theme definitely relevant to our biblical understanding of Jubilee.

Aldersgate SG 2015 will be an opportunity to plumb deeper into our Wesleyan roots. The theme this year will be ‘Seeking the Welfare of our City’. It has been said by some that the 17th century revivals (in which the Methodists were in the forefront) prevented England from experiencing a bloody revolution similar to what France endured. Though this claim has been disputed by others, the ministry of John and Charles Wesley nevertheless left a significant imprint in British society.

We will have three speakers instead of our regular one to address the welfare of our city from the perspective of their countries: Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon (whom we all know), the Rev Asiri Perera (President-designate of the Methodist Church, Sri Lanka) and Mr Anthony Row (General Secretary of the Methodist Church in Malaysia).

We will round up the celebration with a Celebration of Praise and Thanksgiving in November.

The above are only events organised at the MCS level. I have heard that local churches as well as Annual Conferences and agencies are planning celebrations at their levels.

I invite you to come join in our own Methodist celebrations, even as you participate in other SG50 events organised by other civic organisations. Let our presence as salt and light make Singapore’s Jubilee a joyous celebration of our past as well as a faith-filled anticipation of our hopeful future.



The Rev Dr Wee Boon Hup


The Methodist Church in Singapore


MCS 130 Calendar


  • 22 Feb – MCS 130 launch video

  • Our Unsung Heroes’ trailer released

  • Share His Blessings: Visit the lonely, share food and fellowship


  • Our Unsung Heroes’ videos 1 and 2 released

  • 28 Mar – MethodistWalk 2015

  • Sacrificial Acts: Fasting, saving money and donating for others


  • Being There: Be present for someone in good and bad times


  • Our Unsung Heroes’ videos 3 and 4 released

  • 21-23 May – Aldersgate SG 2015 Convention

  • 24 May – Aldersgate Unity Sunday

  • Heart 2 Heart: Build relationships with pre-believer friends, relatives, etc


  • Who is My Neighbour?: Catch up with neighbours – offer help, spend time, etc


  • Our Unsung Heroes’ videos 5 and 6 released

  • Prayer & Intercession: Pray for our nation, someone in need, or pre-believers


  • Loving Singapore: Do a good deed to 10 strangers

  • 15 Aug – Wheels for GOOD fundraising event


  • Our Unsung Heroes’ videos 7 and 8 released

  • Appreciating Teachers: Thank those who taught, mentored or encouraged you


  • Source of Encouragement: Speak encouraging words and not harsh words


  • Our Unsung Heroes’ videos 9 and 10 released

  • 28 Nov – Celebration of Praise and Thanksgiving

  • Show, don’t tell: Teach your children to serve – minister as a family


  • Joy to the World: Host a Christmas party for the less privileged


MCS 130

What’s happening

Launch of MCS 130

Our year-long celebrations of the 130th anniversary of The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) will be launched via a video message from our Bishop Dr Wee Boon Hup, screened in most of our 46 local Methodist churches on 22 Feb 2015.

Methodists in Action’

What would be the impact on our nation if all 45,000 of our Methodists were to live out a small act of service to the community every month?

Pull out the centre spread calendar in this issue and display it in a prominent place to remind you of each month’s ‘Methodists in Action’ suggestion. Reminders will also be disseminated to the local churches and through our monthly Methodist Message (MM).

Let’s act together and ‘Move Forward In Service’!

Our Unsung Heroes’ video project

In August 2014, a general call was sent out to uncover the ‘unsung heroes’ in the Methodist community in Singapore – people who serve quietly, faithfully and without any expectation of reward or recognition.

A total of 71 nominations were received, and out of these, 10 were selected for a special video series titled ‘Our Unsung Heroes’, to encourage all Methodists to step out and serve with their unique gifts and opportunities. The trailer for this video project will be released on 22 Feb 2015, and subsequently we will release two short video clips at a time in March, May, July, September and November.

Look out for these clips being screened in your local churches and online!

MethodistWalk 2015

The 7th MethodistWalk organised by the Methodist Schools’ Foundation (MSF) will be held on 28 Mar 2015, 8-10.30 a.m. at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). Through this year’s event, the MSF aims to raise $1.5 million to support our Methodist schools in their upgrading, building, purchase of teaching aids, and other programme needs.


The MethodistWalk 2015 will culminate in a big ‘Picnic on the Turf’ with snacks, refreshments, and entertainment. The MSF hopes for at least 1,200 participants from our Methodist churches, in addition to the students participating from Methodist schools.

Sign up for the MethodistWalk 2015 with your local church today!

Aldersgate SG 2015

The Aldersgate SG 2015 Convention will have special speakers from Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia giving their respective countries’ perspective and experiences of ‘Seeking the Welfare of Our City’, which is this year’s Aldersgate SG theme. The lectures will be held at Faith Methodist Church at 7.45 p.m. on 21 and 22 May, and 2.30 p.m. on 23 May, immediately followed by a panel discussion with the three special speakers.

Instead of the usual Aldersgate Service held in one venue, this year the Service will be decentralised to 46 local Methodist churches, which will screen a videotaped sermon by Bishop Dr Wee at their Sunday services on 24 May 2015. A specially-designed bulletin cover will also be distributed to the churches for their use on this Aldersgate Unity Sunday.

Next month’s issue of MM will carry more details about Aldersgate SG 2015, and posters and flyers will be distributed soon.

Getting Out Of Debt’ – ‘GOOD’

In line with the biblical basis of Jubilee, Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) aims to help 850 families clear an average of $2,000 of chronic debt. Donate to help raise $1.7 million for this cause, and sign up to be a ‘GOOD’ advocate in your local church.

MWS will be holding a big “carnival on wheels” with the Wheels for GOOD fundraising event on 15 Aug 2015, where participants will be encouraged to use wheels of all sorts: strollers, bicycles, roller-skates, wheelchairs, etc.

For more information and to donate, visit www.mws.org.sg

Celebration of Praise and Thanksgiving

The yearly Aldersgate Praise Festival organised by the Methodist School of Music has been moved to the end of the year in 2015 to give praise and thanks to God for 130 years of His blessing and guidance, and to simultaneously thank all who have generously contributed their time, effort and finances to serving the Singapore community through our MCS 130 events.

Come join us at the Celebration of Praise and Thanksgiving on 28 Nov 2015 at Paya Lebar Methodist Church!

Further updates about MCS 130 will be featured at www.methodist.org.sg and upcoming issues of MM.

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