Aldersgate SG 2019

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Aldersgate SG 2019
A Task Unfinished: Together in God’s Mission
Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 May 2018
Paya Lebar Methodist Church
5 Boundary Road
Singapore 549954

Christ commanded us to go into all the world and preach the gospel to everyone. But how well have we fulfilled this Great Commission? How can we bring the gospel to the rest of the world?

Aldersgate SG 2019 takes a look at the retrospect and prospects of world mission in the Methodist spirit, and the who and what is missing in mission.

Come and join us at Aldersgate SG 2019!

Thursday, 23 May @ 7:30 pm
Aldersgate Lecture 1
Speaker: Bishop Emeritus Dr Hwa Yung
World Mission in the Methodist Spirit
Synopsis: A look in retrospect at what John Wesley’s statement “The world is my parish” means and implies; his vision and the other leaders like Asbury for planting the church in UK, America and eventually the rest of the world; the commitment and sacrifice this vision entailed; and what these mean for us today.

Friday, 24 May @ 7:30 pm
Aldersgate Lecture 2
Speaker: Bishop Emeritus Dr Hwa Yung
Key Challenges in World Mission in Our Generation
Synopsis: A prospective look at some of the challenges faced by global Christianity, such as the increasing weakness of the western church and the declining numbers of missionaries sent out. In contrast with the growing missionary numbers from the Majority World, the geopolitical implications of an increasingly multi-polar world, the growing persecutions of Christians all over the world and the increasing demand for the gospel to demonstrate its relevance in the world of today—how do we prepare the church for effective mission in face of these?

Saturday, 25 May @ 4:00 pm
Aldersgate Celebration
Speaker: Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon
Missing in Mission
Synopsis: Two issues will be discussed to mobilise the revival spirit of being involved in God’s mission:

i. Who is missing? (Many Christians)
ii. What is often missing? (Christ’s Presence, Purpose, and Power)

Admission is free. All are welcome.

Online registration has closed. Walk-in registration begins an hour before each event.

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About Aldersgate SG
Aldersgate SG is the yearly keynote event of The Methodist Church in Singapore. It is organised annually by The Methodist Church in Singapore to commemorate Methodism’s founder John Wesley’s Aldersgate experience on 24 May 1738. This annual series of events brings together the Methodist family to celebrate the values of compassion and discipline in our rich Wesleyan heritage and be inspired anew to serve God through social action, evangelism and discipleship.

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