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Q We want to send our child to one of the Methodist schools. Where can I get information?
A: See Methodist Schools for online information.

Q Why are Methodist schools raising funds for things, such as school facilities and amenities, instead of helping needy students or meeting the needs of other communities?
A: Our Methodist Schools provide holistic education to every student entrusted to us, and this includes provision of relevant facilities for the building up of their physical health and well-being.

At the same time, the needy are not forgotten but continue to be served. As government-aided schools, admission to our Methodist schools follows MOE rules and is not restricted to the rich or privileged. We certainly have needy students and they have access to bursaries and other assistance from our schools, the church, and relevant community and governmental bodies. They also benefit from the facilities built in their schools.

The local churches and various agencies of The Methodist Church in Singapore continue to reach out to the needy in our community. Our schools and students are also active in community-helping events throughout the year, through their community involvement projects, among others.


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