CDCM @ TTC Evening Courses (Jan - Feb 2016)

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The Centre for the Development of Christian Ministry @ Trinity Theological College (TTC) which organises courses to equip Christians for lifelong learning, personal growth and ministry will be offering two evening courses from January to February 2016.

CCDM @ TTC Evening CoursesCourse 1: Parables of Jesus in Matthew Gospel
Jesus our Lord frequently taught in parables. Why? What is a parable? What did He teach through His parables? Jesus, indeed, taught many vital truths through parables; including how the Gospel works in this world, what is the Church, the principles of stewardship of our gifts and ministries, how He rewards the faithful and many others. The parables form a centrepiece of the Gospel of Matthew, a Gospel that emphasises that the Person, Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ fulfills the OT.

Dates:  6 Jan – 24 Feb, 2016 (8 Wednesday evenings)

Time and Place: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, St. Andrew’s Cathedral South Transept Hall, 11 St Andrew's Road, Singapore 178959

Instructor: Rev Dr Soh Guan Chin (Joshua YJ Su) is the founder and international president of The Joshua Mission, a preaching & teaching ministry for leadership and discipleship development. Based in Singapore, his ministry covers India, Nepal, Indonesia, Nigeria and other countries. He did his M.Div. with Trinity Theological College, Singapore, and his Ph.D in Systematic Theology with the University of Aberdeen.

Course 2: Christianity, Chinese Culture and Religion
Culture is an inherent part of human community. The Chinese people view their culture in terms of the important rites of passage such as birth, aging, sickness and death, and marriage. Throughout history, the Chinese people are impacted by various cultural and religious philosophies that shaped the way they view things, and their customs, traditions and practices. The Objective of this course is to provide the student with (a) a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and practices, and (b) to respond appropriately and positively to them and (c) be an effective witness of their Faith as a Chinese Christian.

Dates: 7 Jan – 25 Feb, 2016 (8 Thursday evenings)

Time and Place:  7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Trinity Theological College, Lecture Room 2, Level 3, 490 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678093

Instructor: Rev Dr Jerry Goh is a first-generation Christian and the first in his family to become a Christian. He completed his PhD in Intercultural Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary, USA. His interests include: Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Comparative Religions, Missions and Spiritual Formation. Jerry is the Small Group & Discipleship Pastor at International Baptist Church.

Fees per course:  $100.00  ($80.00 for returning students, if the last CDCM course attended is not more than a year before the commencement of this new module. Free for TTC Alumni and TTC Full-Time Students – Registration Required)

For more information, please visit or contact Esther Lee at telephone +65 67613624 or Email To register, click here.

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