Communicating Christ in Asian Cultures and Families

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Comunicating Christ in Asian Cultures and FamiliesCommunicating Christ in Asian Cultures and Families
Sat 9 Mar 2019, 9am -1pm
Faith Methodist Church
Sanctuary, Level 1
400 Commonwealth Drive
Singapore 149604

On a daily basis, we interact with people in our families, workplaces or neighbourhoods from different cultural and religious backgrounds. This calls for presenting Christ to all cultures and to witness in love.

Through biblical and theological reflection, and anecdotal sharing, this seminar aims to deepen our understanding of the gospel in relation to the core Asian value of “harmony” and expand our view on approaches to sharing the gospel winsomely with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15-16) to people in Asian cultures and families.

Session 1: Does Christ Speak Through Our Culture? (by Rev Malcom Tan)
Can we share about Jesus and be faithful to Scripture, while being true to our own cultural context? Sometimes our sharing of the Gospel sounds foreign and unbelievable. Other times, our culture seems to have more authority than the Scriptures for us. What does the Word of God say about Culture? Can the Holy Spirit work through it to bring us to Christ? Can we learn to contextualise our sharing so that it becomes clear that Jesus Christ is for everyone because He, alone, answers the cry of every human heart? Can the Wesleyan doctrine of Prevenient Grace help us to preach Jesus truthfully and contextually?

Session 2: Communicating Christ in Asian Families: "Harmony" (by Mrs I’Ching Thomas)
Learn to articulate the Gospel in terms that are attractive and significant to cultures of the nations. Look at how we can present the Gospel in a way that addresses humanity’s need for harmony, revealed in Scripture and also found in Confucius’ ideals for humanity, but with a realistic solution. This means a Cultural Chinese can hear the good news of Jesus Christ in ways helpful to them to appreciate better how it is truly good news for them.

Session 3: Q&A Forum (by Rev Dr Aaron Tay)
Discuss and find out answers to questions about Communicating Christ in Asian Cultures and Families.

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This event is organised by TRAC Board of Witness and Evangelism (TRAC BOWE)

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