Who Are Your Spiritual Friends? How do I become a Spiritual Friend? (DA)




9:00AM - 12:00PM


The Methodist Church in Singapore
70 Barker Rd Singapore 309936

Saturday, 13 January 2024, 9:00am to 12:00pm

70 Barker Road, Level 6, Sophia Blackmore Hall, Singapore 309936

Register by 31 Dec 2023 @ https://forms.gle/ReDRDV5dCWaARLvt5 (Max: 50 pax)

$10 per person

Speaker: Rev Dr Niam Kai Huey

We need companions on our spiritual journey. Do you have a friend you could trust to guard your soul? Have you ever thought of friendship as a spiritual discipline? All ministry leaders need to cultivate healthy and life-giving friendships, with peers and especially with Jesus.

We invite all current and graduates of “Companions in Christ” and all disciples of Jesus who are willing to befriend and become spiritual friends to attend this talk.

You will learn the guiding principles and practices of Christian spiritual friendship, such as the disciplines of deep listening, hospitality, total presence, and authentic dialogue. In addition to teaching, this session also includes guided exercises and group sharing.

Organised by Disciple Agency (DA), The Methodist Church in Singapore. For more information, please email disciple@methodist.org.sg, visit disciple.methodist.org.sg or facebook.com/Disciple.Singapore, or call +65 6765 5301.