8:30AM - 12:30PM


Wesley Methodist Church
5 Fort Canning Road Singapore 179493

 28 November 2022, Monday, 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

 Wesley Methodist Church, 5 Fort Canning Road, Singapore 179493

 Register at https://wycliffe.sg/otsummit


Is the Old Testament still relevant in present times? Inviting all pastors, church leaders and ministry workers to come together for a time of worship, sharing and panel discussions hosted by the 4.2.20 Foundation. Topics discussed at this summit include the importance of the Old Testament and the “OT Gap”—what it is, and how to eliminate it.

Summit panellists and worship leaders include:

  • Bishop Dr Gordon Wong, Bishop of The Methodist Church in Singapore & Former Professor of OT, Trinity Theological College
  • Rev David Swarr, PhD President & CEO, 4.2.20 Foundation
  • Rev Stanley Chua, President, Trinity Annual Conference, The Methodist Church in Singapore
  • Rev Wayne Hilsden, Co-Founder, Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries & King of Kings Jerusalem
  • P S Kwan, Senior Bible Translation Consultant, Wycliffe Singapore
  • Rev Raymond Fong, Pastor-in-charge, Wesley Methodist Church
  • Henry Tan, Vice Chairman, Alpha Singapore

Organised by 4.2.20 Foundation (an Alliance Organization in Wycliffe Global Alliance)