MCS Response to the Repeal of S377A of the Penal Code

We receive the announcement by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong regarding the repeal of Section 377A and acknowledge the rationale and reasoning behind it.

We in The Methodist Church in Singapore trust that this decision was not taken lightly. As we transition, we will continue to engage, represent, and advise the authorities and parties involved so that we can emerge a better society devoid of harboured hatred and mutual misunderstandings.

We pray for unity in our country; we have seen such decisions divide and destroy other societies. It is not our desire to draw battle-lines in the shifting sand, but to participate lovingly whilst clinging to the Rock of our Salvation. It is our hope that open, constructive dialogue will lead us to a uniquely Singaporean outcome.

It is encouraging to know that marriages will still be between a man and a woman and we are reassured that this will never change for the sake of future generations.

We also look forward to continue in the religious freedom we enjoy to teach our faith in our churches and schools without interference, repercussions, or drawing offence from others.

Our congregants will be reminded to love God by loving our neighbours, whatever creed they identify with, and to accept all who would love and follow Christ warmly into our churches. As one of our rites reminds us, we love Christ and seek to live in peace with our neighbour.

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