Methodist Fathers

Thanks to all who have attended the event on 17 Oct 2020.
For those who have missed the opportunity to attend the session and for those who wish to recap, here is the place to watch and replay the video.

As we explore the ways to keep the faith burning for the generations ahead of us, the faith of our children and grandchildren would need to be ignited and nurtured from our families at home.

It is for the future of our Methodist church that this call is made for Methodist fathers to gather, hear and learn about Godly fatherhood. Together with all three Annual Conferences (CAC, ETAC, TRAC) and the One MCS Team, this webinar “Passing on a Godly Legacy” has been organised by a group of fathers to help fan the desire and passion for Godly fatherhood and home leadership in our Methodist families.

For more information, please read this, view flyer, watch the video above or at YouTube or write to