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350 turn up at Wesley’s Parents’ Day lunch

The youngest father, Mr Gary Toh Chee Keong, walking away with his
prize which he received from Mrs Liza Lim, wife of the Rev Lim Jen Huat,
a pastor at Wesley Methodist Church.

FATHER’S Day generally passes by with less fuss than Mother’s Day.
This year, the Family Life Committee of Wesley Methodist Church decided to hold the annual Parents’ Day lunch on Father’s Day, June 15.

About 350 people gathered for lunch at Palm Beach Restaurant to honour parents as well as to celebrate Father’s Day. It was a joyous occasion and many took the opportunity to strengthen ties with family members, relatives and fellow church members.

The programme included singing and games. And there was plenty of good food.
Prizes were given to the youngest and the oldest father present. – Text and picture by DEBBY CHUA.