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Stores here get good books from Britain and US

The list below is arranged alphabetically

In Britain, there are other major (and generally evangelical) publishers as well e.g. Evangelical Press, Monarch and Lion (their Lion Handbooks series are particularly noteworthy). However, they are not often available outside Europe or they have a smaller range of titles. There are other houses e.g. Victor Chariot (which publishes Warren Wiersbe’s BE Series) and Kregel. However, the publishing houses above are the main ones.

Another thing to bear in mind is that many books published in the US would take a while before they arrive in Britain and vice versa. Amazon (both in Britain and the US) can sometimes help to overcome this.

In Asia, there is generally not so much the problem of this as SKS, Bethesda and Life bookstores tend to get books from both the US and Europe. Furthermore, the Christian ministries e.g. Navigators and Fellowship of Evangelical Students, do stock a small collection of books as well.