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8th General Conference set for Oct 18 to 23

THE Eighth General Conference of The Methodist Church in Singapore will be held from Oct 18 to 23, 2004 at Methodist Centre, Barker Road. The theme of the conference is “With One Heart and Voice” based on Romans 15:6.

The Book of Discipline 207 provides for “any organisation, minister, or lay member of the Methodist Church” to submit petitions to the General Conference.

Any petition will have to comply with these conditions:

1) Three copies of the petition must be sent to the Secretary of the General Conference or a designated petitions secretary.
2) Each petition must address only one paragraph of The Book of Discipline or, if The Book of Discipline is not affected, one issue.
3) Each petition must be signed by the person submitting it, accompanied by appropriate identification, such as address, local church, or Methodist board or agency relationship.
4) Petitions must be received by the petitions secretary no later than 60 days (ie Aug 19, 2004) prior to the opening session of the General Conference.

If you are submitting a petition, please mail it before the deadline to:
The General Conference Secretary,
The Methodist Church in Singapore,
70 Barker Road
Methodist Centre
Singapore 309936.