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A Daughter’s Faith – An Invitation to Journey with God

A Daughter’s Faith - An Invitation to Journey with God

A Daughter’s Faith is a 30-day devotional journal based on personal stories of a daughter in relationship with her Heavenly Father. Gleaning precious truths from her journey with God from her teenage years to adulthood, Jiamin Choo-Fong shares intimately her experience of drawing nearer to God’s heart with confidence, comfort, and hope.


The 30 devotions are portioned into these five parts:
1. Knowing Who We Are In Your Eyes
2. Loving As You First Loved Us
3. Walking On Waters With You
4. Bearing Witness To Your Word
5. Dwelling In Your presence


In these pages, you will also find a safe and welcoming space to journal. Reflect on your journey with God, express your innermost thoughts, discover new insights, and be renewed.

A Daughter’s Faith is rightly titled as it captures for us the precious faith journey a daughter can have with her Heavenly Father. It’s unpretentious, honest, and approachable. It’s also littered with precious gems—beautiful insights into the nature of our Heavenly Father. One will certainly be drawn into a desire to walk more intimately with Him. I’m getting this for my own daughters!

Rev Reuben Ng, Pastor-in-Charge, Faith Methodist Church

About the author

Jiamin Choo-Fong is a mentor to young women, mission mobiliser, and life coach. Her passion is to journey with people and see them grow. She is also the author of Out of the Harbour, a book based on her journals when she sailed to 31 countries on board Doulos.

A Daughter’s Faith: 30 Days Devotional Journal

By Jiamin Choo-Fong

Published by Kallos, Inc. (2021), 216 pages


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