A day of good food, fun and fellowship at ACS (Int) carnival


CELEFEST 2007 on July 14, 2007 was the biennial carnival of ACS (International) organised by the Parent School Partners (PSP), and this year a new concept was introduced to it – a concert with a programme that would provide seamless live entertainment throughout the day that set the mood for Celefest.

The provision of God allowed every step an open door as parents combined their effort, skill and resources with students. An entire professional sound system and stage complete with stage managers and technicians were generously sponsored by the parents.

It was a perfect platform to invite our affiliated ACS brother schools to share our stage in the common bond of music. Our own students showcased their talents in a band competition while others sang their hearts out to the glory of God.

What is a carnival without food? A gastronomic array was fully sponsored by the parents. Gourmet delights were available throughout the day with delicacies that represented our international population of students. It could have held its own as a mini-international food festival with Udon, Kebabs, Pad Thai, Satay, Dim Sum and Vietnamese spring rolls, just to name a few. While this was a fund-raising event for the school, $20,000 of the funds collected was donated to MILK (Mainly I Love Kids) Compassion Fund. Celefest, however, was more than just a matter of raising money – that day some 30 children from MILK were paired with students from our school to enjoy the day together and this inculcated a sense of altruism.

Teachers played a pivotal role as they guided their classes in the games offered. From Happy House to Coconut Bowling, young entrepreneurs surfaced in our students as some innovative ones managed to yield high profits, and they were rightfully acknowledged.

We praise God for Celefest this year. His provision and favour on all was evident. We thank God for the lovely weather and for the praying parents who lifted up their supplication to the Lord and especially God’s anointing of Mrs Alice Fu as Chairman of the organising committee.

Much gratitude is extended to the Rev Dr John Barrett, our supportive Principal, who gave us his blessings to plan the carnival the way we saw it. Everyone who helped to plough for the love of our children contributed to the success of the day, from the parents to the students, teachers, sponsors and whole families.

We trust new friendships and memories had been made that day and a special bond created in the families that came. We hope that a new culture has spawned from these early years and that the Spirit of God will continue to abound in the school, for truly, “The Best Is Yet To Be.”

Serene Wong is a member of the ACS (International) Parent School Partners group.