A level: ACJC Class of 2006 sets new benchmarks

THE “A” level results were released on March 2, 2007 to a jubilant cohort of 950 students, the largest in the history of Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC).

By the grace of God and through the support of the community of parents, teachers and alumni, the Class of 2006 overcame the odds to set new benchmarks for ACJC. The class has the largest number of students with four distinctions and three distinctions in their “A” level subjects in the college’s history.

In 2003 there were 144, in 2004 there were 177, in 2005 there were 181 and this year, we have a record number of 233 students who achieved either three or four distinctions in their “A” level subjects. In ratio, one in four students received either three or four distinctions.

On the national level, the joint press statement released by the Ministry of Education and Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board noted that the minimum 2 A and 2 AO-level passes, including GP for 2006, were 90.5 per cent, a drop from 91.1 per cent in 2005. In ACJC, the percentage of students with 2As and 2AOs, including GP, was at 96.3 per cent. This compares well with the national average.

ACJC has produced two top students with eight distinctions. Clarissa Poh Wan Ru obtained distinctions in mathematics, chemistry, physics, economics, A1 in General Paper, Japanese, A2 in Higher Chinese at “O” level and a distinction in physics Special Paper. She also obtained merit in the chemistry and mathematics Special Papers.

Geraldine Foo Ting Ting obtained distinctions in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, A2 in General Paper, A1 in Chinese at “AO” level and distinctions in chemistry and physics Special Papers.

The top Arts student was Samuel Beh Pei En who obtained six distinctions in English literature, history, mathematics and economics, A1 in General Paper and a distinction in economics Special Paper.

In addition to this, there were three students with seven distinctions and 15 students with six distinctions.

ACJC celebrates the achievements of these students who have displayed resolve, tenacity of purpose and passion in their pursuit of excellence in their “A” level results.

Ephraim Lin Fei, a former student of ACS (Barker Road), overcame his paraplegic condition to excel at the “A” levels while enjoying a full life in the college. He had to take his “A” level examinations lying on a bed to relieve stress on his spinal column as it could not support his body weight for more than two hours at a stretch.

Despite his physical challenge, he immersed himself in every college activity, including physical education classes and the College Cross-Country Championships, where he completed the course with the help of his classmates and friends.

Haryati Megumi, a Normal (Academic) stream student from Tanglin Secondary, was not just the college’s top female cross-country athlete but also emerged as ACJC’s top Malay student with distinctions in English literature and economics and a B in mathematics. Driven on by the memories of her mother’s disappointment with her PSLE results, Haryati did well enough at the “O” level examinations to qualify for admission to a JC and was subsequently admitted to ACJC. Her tenacity and passion enabled her to achieve excellent results in the “A” level examinations.

Elizabeth Lim Sze Ying battled with cancer in the two years that she spent at the college. In spite of her difficult circumstances, she was determined to do well and her peers and teachers celebrated her achievement of four distinctions in General Paper, English literature, geography and economics.

Her tenacity to overcome her limitations is an inspiring testimony of God’s grace and providence to the youths that she has shared her story with.

The staff and students have been motivated to work very hard to achieve this good performance. ACJC has also been supported by the parents who have tended to our physical needs through home-cooked dinners during the study periods in Term 4. Almighty God has bestowed His blessings on the college and it is to Him that we give all glory and honour.

The class of 2006 marks the last graduating batch tested on the old “A” level curriculum. As ACJC prepares itself for the challenges of the new JC curriculum and the “A” level examinations this year, it is encouraged that as God’s grace and faithfulness have been with ACJC in the past, so will they follow ACJC into the future. The Best is Yet to Be!