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A milestone event: All 7 ACS schools


Principal and staff from ACS (International) Jakarta attend service for first time

FOR the first time, all seven units of ACS schools came together on Saturday Jan 6, 2007 for the Staff Dedication Service.

The difference this year was that the service saw representatives from ACS (International) Jakarta represented by their Principal, Mr Daryl Forde, and five members from their school joining us.

The dedication this year was a milestone event as all seven ACS schools had come together to honour God’s presence in our lives and to testify to God’s goodness and blessings.

The six Singapore ACS schools, namely ACS (Junior), ACS (Primary), ACS (Barker Road), ACS (Independent), ACS (International) Singapore and Anglo- Chinese Junior College (ACJC), welcomed into the fold the newest member from Indonesia, ACS (International) Jakarta. I am sure our founder, Bishop William Oldham, would have been pleased to note that his vision has truly been enlarged over the years.

The teachers from the seven institutions started strolling in from as early as 9 am to the new Centre for Performing Arts at ACS (Independent), the venue for this year’s service.

The service began at 10 am with a prelude followed by a welcome address by Dr Ong Teck Chin, Principal of ACS (Independent). At the Call To Worship, God’s faithfulness was declared and glory was ascribed to Him for His grace, goodness and faithfulness over the years.

The Chaplain from Living Waters Methodist Church at ACS (Independent), the Rev Kenneth Huang, led in the opening hymn. Thereafter, the ACS (Independent) Worship Band and three of the school’s teachers led the congregation in singing songs of praise, once again expressing our gratitude for the many good years that ACS schools have enjoyed.

The more than 600 teachers, together with members of the ACS Board of Governors, Board of Management and the ACS Old Boys’ Association, sang with much spontaneity and gusto extolling God’s providence and countless blessings on each of the schools.

The hymns chosen reinforced the very reason for the dedication of our role in our mission in the ACS schools – we acknowledge that our “God is Great”, “We Adore Him”, “Blessed is the Name of the Lord”. Through the hymns we attributed the success enjoyed by our school to God by singing “To God Be The Glory” and we also rededicated through the meaningful hymn “Take Our Life and Let It Be”.

Next, Mr Tan Wah Thong, Chairman of the ACS Board of Governors, gave his address. He emphasised the need for each ACS school to continue to give its best in nurturing the students holistically. He further elaborated on the concept of ONE ACS which he urged all schools to support wholeheartedly and to work together in harmony and unity.

The participation of the Principals from each of the schools lent credence to the ONE ACS concept. The ACS (Independent) Choir’s rendition of “Thinking About His Love” encouraged all present to think about our heavenly Father’s enduring love.

The greatest inspiration came in the form of meditation given by our own Bishop Dr Robert Solomon. His message centred on encouraging teachers to make a difference in their teaching. He reiterated the apostle Paul’s success in his work through his devotion to and love for God.

He emphasised that the secret of great teaching is demonstrated in the love for students and having the teachers provide strong moral influence whilst attempting to develop the students holistically.

He shared that a mediocre teacher cares, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates but a great teacher INSPIRES. Teachers were, therefore, challenged to inspire their students by planting good seeds in the hearts of their charges.

The touching story of Teddy Stoddard, a child from a disadvantaged home, who had been inspired by his teacher, Mrs Thompson, was shared to convey the importance of a teacher’s influence in the lives of their students.

The dedication service ended with the affirmation of the Teachers’ Oath by the Principals and all present and led by Bishop Dr Solomon. The Bishop concluded with a prayer for God’s continued blessings for each of the schools represented. The service closed on a very happy note and all present were treated to a sumptuous lunch provided by Living Waters Methodist Church.

To God Be The Glory. The Best Is Yet To Be!

Dr Ong Teck Chin is the Principal/CEO of ACS (Independent).