A Yam-my way to sayang our pastors and their families

Food plays an important part in the lives of many of us in Singapore and is often used to express love and care. The ladies from the Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS) of Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) did just that with Sayang Sayang 2022, where WSCS members from across Singapore came together to produce 96 yam cakes with which to sayang (meaning ‘love’ in Malay) our pastors and their families. Sayang Sayang 2022 formed a part of WSCS Day 2022 celebrations.

With the easing of Covid-19 Safe Management Measures, WSCS members were able to gather to bond and be purposefully engaged in making yam cakes for their recipients. They volunteered for 4-hour shifts in the morning (8 a.m. – 12 p.m.) and/or afternoon (1 p.m. – 5 p.m.) during which they would prepare the yam cakes, and package and deliver them to the recipients.

Fifty WSCS sisters wielded their knives to clean, peel, slice and dice yam, sausages, mushrooms, onions, chilli and all manner of ingredients for making yam cake. As they worked, the ladies exchanged introductions, anecdotes, testimonies and culinary tips, and plenty of smiles. All this took place at the kitchen facilities of TRAC WSCS Advisor Choo Lai Eng’s F&B business.

All the food preparation was completed ahead of schedule and the ladies went on to prepare the labels and packaging for the yam cakes. The label with the Chinese character, 爱 (meaning ‘love’ in Chinese), was designed by Lai Eng’s daughter, Joy.

The yam cakes were prepared following a recipe from Wendy Goh of Paya Lebar Methodist Church. This recipe was included in the cookbook, Tribute to Heritage – Generation to Generation by Paya Lebar Methodist Church, and all helpers at Sayang Sayang 2022 were gifted a copy of this book, allowing them to replicate the yam cake in their own homes.

The ladies worked so efficiently that, by the time the afternoon shift arrived, most of the work had been completed. The day ended with delivery rounds, and messages and photographs from the happy recipients started coming in, expressing their appreciation for the thoughtfulness and love behind the blessing of yam cake.

Here are some heart-warming responses from our recipients.

Wow, what a logistical and loving effort. God bless everyone for their work in the planning, arrangements, purchasing of ingredients, preparatory work, cooking, containing, washing up, packing, distribution and every other task! We are all spoilt. Thank you to all the lovely WSCS ladies and their supportive families.

~ Jacqueline Huang, Wife of Rev Kenneth Huang, Kampong Kapor Methodist Church

Being a pastor’s wife is a calling I believe all pastors’ wives go into with keen and growing awareness of the challenges and responsibilities that come with. In my short journey so far, there are times that it can be challenging but many more times, rewarding to see the part that we can play as wives to our husbands, and in extension, to the church as well. The WSCS’ encouragement spurs me on in this journey. Thank you, WSCS, for the love, care and support! May God enrich WSCS in your many ministries and may you continue to shine for Jesus.

~ Kelly Lee, Wife of Rev Allan Lee, Methodist Church of the Incarnation

Pastor Gilbert and I are thankful to all the ladies who lovingly planned, cooked and delivered this ‘Sayang Sayang’ gift. We are touched that you sacrificed your public holiday to send us love in this way. May God continue to bless the good work of TRAC WSCS.

~ Grace Lok, Wife of Ps Gilbert Lok, Barker Road Methodist Church

Angeline Boden Cheang is a member of the TRAC WSCS ExCo / Photos courtesy of TRAC WSCS