A year of celebration for TTC’s 75th anniversary

A year of celebration for TTC's 75th anniversary
(From left) TTC's professors and Principal: Dr Tan Kim Huat, Dr Roland Chia, Rev Dr Wilfred Ho Wai Tat, Rev Dr Edwin Tay, Dr Chan Yew Ming, Dr Mark Chan, and Rev Dr Lim Teck Peng

“Gird us with love as shining light that we may help to set all free,
to find in thee their peace and life.”

Close to 800 people were standing, hearts stirred, singing these words on 6 Oct 2023 at the grand ballroom of the Orchid Country Club. The thanksgiving dinner held there was the formal culmination of the celebration of Trinity Theological College’s (TTC) 75th Anniversary. The words are the closing line of the Trinity Anthem, our college anthem.

TTC was forged in the crucible of war. During the Japanese Occupation, missionaries interned at Changi prison were given a vision of a union college for the training of Christian workers to serve the churches. After the war, in 1948, this vision was realised when TTC was established with its campus at 7 Mount Sophia and has been equipping Christians for ministry since.

This year, TTC, Singapore’s oldest seminary, celebrated its 75th Anniversary. Based on the anniversary theme, “Changing World, Unchanging Light”, seven key events were planned for the year-long celebration.

The first celebratory event reflected TTC’s continued commitment to Christian scholarship. On 17 Feb 2023, we heralded the establishment of our sixth professorial chair with the installation of Rev Dr Wilfred Ho Wai Tat as the ACS Professor of the History of Christianity. The new chair was endowed through the generosity of ACS (International), an institution of The Methodist Church in Singapore. In his introduction, Principal Rev Dr Edwin Tay described Rev Dr Ho as “not only a scholar of the highest calibre but also a pastor- teacher with a big heart”.

(left top) Panellists at the launch of the book Chinese-Speaking Churches and Chinese Worldwide 《华 文教会与华人世 界》, from left, Mr Christopher Lee, Rev Shawn Koh, Rev Dr Lim Teck Peng (moderator), Dr Chan Yew Ming, and Rev Dr Liew Yoo Kiang
(left bottom) Speakers and participants at the 13th Annual Conference of APECSS (AsiaPacific Early Christian Studies Society) which was hosted by TTC
(right) At TTC’s Trinity Lectures, four public lectures on the theme "The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Its Meaning and Mission" were delivered by Prof Murray Rae from the University of Otago

On 23 Mar 2023, we launched the book Chinese-Speaking Churches and Chinese Worldwide 《华文教会与华人世界》. The new book contains articles authored by past and present TTC faculty members and alumni from Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Providing multi-faceted perspectives and insights from different disciplines, regions and denominations, the book examines the opportunities and challenges facing the Chinese-speaking churches in Singapore and beyond. It was the first major event held at TTC’s newly upgraded multipurpose hall.

The Trinity Lectures from 1 to 4 Aug 2023 was the third anniversary event. Over four nights, Prof Murray Rae, Professor of Theology at the University of Otago, delivered public lectures on the theme “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Its Meaning and Mission”.

Then from 7 to 9 Sep 2023, TTC hosted the 13th Annual Conference of the Asia-Pacific Early Christian Studies Society (APECSS). The conference theme was “Early Christianity in Pluralistic Contexts”. The two keynote lectures were delivered by Dr Li Tang from the University of Salzburg, Austria, and TTC’s own Chen Su Lan Professor of New Testament, Dr Tan Kim Huat.

On 4 and 5 Oct 2023, TTC held its 75th Anniversary Conference on the theme: “The Church in a Changing World”. The 4 Oct conference held in English had keynote speakers—Dr Mark Chan who spoke on “Christian Faith in a Hyper(Dis)connected World”, and Rev Dr Simon Chan who spoke on “Is There Such a Thing as Online Eucharist?” Our 75th Anniversary book, written by TTC faculty, Becoming a People of Light: For a Phygital, Hyperconnected, and Fragmented World was also launched during the conference.

The conference on the next day was held in Chinese and had keynote presentations by Bishop Dr Titus Chung and Rev Dr Caleb Soo. A book of Chinese essays by TTC alumnae entitled Echoes was also presented on 5 Oct. Close to 400 people attended the two-day, hybrid conference with 80 per cent of participants being onsite.

The anniversary thanksgiving service was held at the TTC chapel on 6 Oct 2023. Our Board of Governors Chairman, Bishop Dr Titus Chung, preached a sermon based on our anniversary theme, and was also the celebrant for the Holy Communion.

In his speech, Principal Tay said that while the pandemic impacted the corporate rhythm of the college and made necessary crisis management, TTC’s response to the crisis was guided by the virtues of integrity—the nature and quality of theological education should not be compromised—and service—tuition fee sponsorships for every matriculated student throughout the uncertain, pandemic years continued. He shared that despite the pandemic, by the grace of God, matriculated student enrolment saw annual increases since Jul 2020.

A large, specially commissioned cake was rolled onto the stage, and the birthday song was led by emcees Rev Dr Chiang Ming Shun and Rev Dr James Lim. The cake was then cut by Bishop Dr Gordon Wong, Archdeacon Daniel Wee, Bishop Lu Guan Hoe, Rt Rev Dr Christopher Chia, each representing their respective denomination, and Principal Tay.

A choir of more than 50 student choristers and alumni rendered four rousing anthems. Then, all at the ballroom stood and together with the choir sang the “Trinity Anthem” before Bishop Dr Wong closed the evening with prayer and benediction.

As Principal Tay said in his speech: “May God keep TTC faithful to our calling and bless us from strength to strength as we continue to shine the unchanging light of Christ in a changing world! Lux Mundi!”

A year of celebration for TTC's 75th anniversary3
(left) Close to 800 people were at TTC’s 75th Anniversary Dinner which was held at the grand ballroom of the Orchid Country Club (right) The Q&A with the keynote speakers, at the first day of the TTC Anniversary Conference; (from left) Dr Mark Chan, Rev Dr Edmund Fong (moderator), and Rev Dr Simon Chan

TTC’s 75th Anniversary free, bilingual e-book, Becoming a People of Light: For a Phygital, Hyperconnected, and Fragmented World is available for download here:

Content and photos courtesy of Trinity Theological College