ACJC marks 40 years with Faith, Hope and Love

Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. It was established in 1977 as the fifth junior college under the Singapore Government’s initiatives to expand pre-university education. However, the idea of a college arm of Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) had been first mooted by Bishop William Oldham, and championed by the Rev James Nagle. The opening of ACJC thus represents the fruition of that long-cherished vision.

It was therefore fitting that the themes ‘Faith’, ‘Hope’ and ‘Love’ were chosen for the commemoration of the College’s 40th year of establishment. We give thanks for God’s faithfulness through the generations in blessing the work of many hands that contributed to ACJC, and helped it grow from strength to strength. It is with hope that we look forward to the next 40 years, as we trust God to lead the way according to His plan. Furthermore, we celebrate the ties of fraternal love and friendship that bind all ACSians together.

The focal point of the commemoration was the Thanksgiving Concert and Alumni Homecoming Breakfast, held on 13 May 2017. The event was conceived as a way for alumni to rekindle ties, and to revisit the College campus to relive their memories. Alumni across the generations, including Old Boys and Girls from the very first cohort, spent the morning catching up with friends and former members of staff, over a sumptuous breakfast spread that included retro delights like the ice-cream sandwiches of their youth.

In addition, the alumni were able to tour the College, including the ACJC Grace Heritage Gallery, and to marvel at the many changes to the facilities. Iconic memory spots were featured, such as the original Smiley and the Arts Village (top right pic), to provide them the opportunity to recreate photos taken in their days in the College.

There was also a worship session helmed by current and former Christian Fellowship members to gather grateful hearts to give thanks to God. Many alumni shared how excited they were to be back, and how much they looked forward to maintaining their ties with ACJC.

What was truly heart-warming was the way different generations of ACJC alumni came together for the event. At the Thanksgiving Concert held in the College’s Faith Centre of Performing Arts, guests were treated to spectacular performances by various performing arts groups, which included both current students and alumni. In addition, alumni paired up with current students to host the Concert, and shared fond memories of their time in ACJC with that special brand of ACSian wit and humour.

A special highlight at the Thanksgiving Concert was the launch of the restored digital clock tower, an iconic feature that links ACJC to the clock tower at ACS Barker Road as a visual reminder of shared ACS heritage. A donation drive to restore the clock tower was launched earlier with the hope that each of the 40 cohorts of ACJC students would have a stake in it, and restore it as a gift to future generations of students.

In addition to the remembrance of things past, the Concert looked forward to the future, as staff, students, The Methodist Church in Singapore, the ACS Board of Governors, and the Old Boys’ Association all contributed items to an ACJC Time Capsule (picture below).

Beyond the merrymaking and excitement, the event was a way for us as a family to give thanks to God, to continue to enthrone Him as head of ACJC, and to reaffirm our mission as a College within the ACS family of schools, in raising righteous generations of students who love, honour, and serve Him wherever they go and in whatever they do.

To God be the glory! The Best is Yet to Be!


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Ganga Jayaram –

is Head of Department for Outreach and Relations at Anglo-Chinese Junior College.