Aldersgate speaker to explore traditional, contemporary worship

THE Aldersgate Seminar on Saturday, May 23 at Barker Road Methodist Church will address the experiential aspects of worship.

The Rev Dr David Chapman, who is one of two speakers at the Aldersgate Convention 2009, will address the theme, “The Wesleyan Experience of Worship” during the seminar, which is on the last day of the week-long convention.

Participants will consider a Wesleyan approach to worship which recognises both the value of the Christian tradition and the importance of relevance in the contemporary context.

The speaker will address his topic in two parts: “Re-receiving the Tradition” and “Inhabiting the Tradition today”. He will trace the history of the worship, including the arguments for “liturgical” and “extemporae” worship, and use an enculturation model to help participants develop a worship pattern that is right for Singapore.

Seminar registration remains open for individuals ($15) and groups ($100 for each group of 10). The seminar is from 9 am to 12:30 pm. Tea will be provided.

The Aldersgate Convention begins on May 18 with the Rev Dr Ting Gah Hin speaking in Mandarin at 7.45 pm on the topic “The Way to Happiness: Wesley’s Theology of Worship”. He will continue speaking on the topic on the following evening at the same time.

The Rev Dr Chapman will speak on three evenings, beginning on May 20, with a series of talks: “The Wesleyan Way of Being Church”, “The Ministry of the People of God” and “The Church as Community”.

He will also preach at the Aldersgate Service, on Saturday May 23, speaking on Galatians 5:1-6 with the topic, “Faith Working through Love”.

The Aldersgate Convention commemorates John Wesley’s experience of assurance in 1738.

The Rev Dr Chapman will also address Methodist pastors on May 21 with the topic “Ecumenism in Wesleyan Perspective”. The speaker brings his knowledge and experience as a British minister and member of the Joint Commission of Dialogue between the World Methodist Council and the Roman Catholic Church.

All the Convention events will be held at Barker Road Methodist Church.

All the evening talks will begin at 7.45 pm and end by 9.30 pm.

The Aldersgate Service will conclude by 9.45 pm, followed by refreshments. A book table with relevant resources will be on hand during the convention.