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An authentic community

Rachel Tham of Faith MC Comms

I’ve been told that what sets Methodists apart from other denominations is our heritage of schools and education, our culture of music and the arts, and our principles instated by John Wesley, such as discipline and thrift, among other things.

What this means to me, on a personal level, is family. I grew up in Fairfield Methodist Primary School, which taught me to be pure and honest, and not depart from the ways I was trained to go. My home church is Aldersgate MC, where I’ve experienced authentic friendship and community, and the joy of having my school, church, and even secular social circles intersect.

At Faith MC, I can truly see God’s faithfulness and blessings on the church through the years, and its efforts to be good stewards of these blessings. And when the church body comes together for His objectives, even if you don’t know everyone in the congregation on a personal level, you can really see that the church is a family.

My prayer for us Methodists is to realise that we might attend worship services in different locations, but are all part of one Methodist Church. And together, as one of the largest denominations in Singapore, we have immense potential for outreach and bringing God’s love to our neighbours. As we remember and celebrate our heritage, let it motivate us toward the mission ahead.

Happy 135th birthday, MCS!

Rachel Tham is the Communications Executive on the staff team of Faith Methodist Church. She believes in the power of media to spark revival in the Methodist Church.