An invitation that changed my life

An invitation that changed my life
Angela and Morgan Zhou, with their sons, Elijah (left) and Elias (right)

In December 1997, at the end of my fourth year in secondary school, Mrs Chow Yook Wah, my accounts tutor, extended an invitation and generously sponsored me for Fairfield Methodist Church’s (FFMC) youth camp—an event that profoundly altered the course of my life. During this camp, I received a heart-warming reception from several members of the youth ministry, particularly those from the Girls’ Brigade. It was within this community that I discovered the boundless love of God being shared so freely, and where I placed my faith in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It was also during this camp that I met Morgan, who would later become not  only my boyfriend during our time in junior college but also my husband and the father of our beloved sons, Elijah and Elias.

Reflecting on the journey that led to my profession of faith in the Lord, I am certain it was guided by the Holy Spirit. For two years preceding the camp, I found myself inexplicably drawn to the mug adorned with FFMC’s logo that Mrs Chow used. Even as a newcomer, I was graciously invited to FFMC’s Jubilee anniversary dinner in 1998, an event that remains vivid in my memory as a beautiful testament to the community’s generosity and love for God’s people. As we celebrate FFMC’s 75th Anniversary this year, I am humbled and profoundly grateful for God’s unwavering faithfulness and goodness throughout this remarkable journey. What began as a simple invitation to a camp has transformed into a beautiful testimony of a life transformed by his grace and love. To God Be The Glory!

Angela Zhou worships at Fairfield Methodist Church. She serves as a Sunday school teacher and is also a member of the governance committee. / Photo courtesy of Angela Zhou