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Asian Methodist Council head calls on Bishop


BISHOP Chang Kwang Young (centre in picture), Chairman of the Asian Methodist Council (AMC), called on Bishop Dr Robert Solomon at the Methodist Centre on March 7, 2003.

Accompanied by the Rev Dr Jeong Tae Joon (right in picture), the AMC General Secretary, he was en route to the AMC’s Executive Committee meeting in Hong Kong on March 11.

After a 30-minute meeting, which focused on co-operation among Asian Methodists and the Methodist connection, Bishop Dr Solomon hosted a lunch for the two AMC leaders.

Bishop Dr Solomon, who is the Secretary of the AMC Executive Committee, also attended the Hong Kong meeting. He was accompanied by Mr Kim Seah, who is the Singapore Lay member of the AMC Executive Committee.

While in Hong Kong, Bishop Dr Solomon also attended a meeting of the Fellowship of Asian Methodist Bishops before the AMC meeting.