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BB plans to launch more companies in next three years

Mentored by adult Christian BB Officers, who, through fun, challenging and meaningful BB activities, build lasting relationships with our Boys, … developing true Christian manliness and … advancing Christ’s kingdom

THE Boys’ Brigade (BB) exists as a youth ministry of the church, advancing Christ’s kingdom amongst boys and developing character to achieve true Christian manliness.

There are about 350 primary and secondary schools in Singapore, but The Boys’ Brigade exists in only 92 of them..

In its bid to keep the BB relevant and attractive to boys, it embarked on a BB21 Plan in October 2000. The BB21 Plan includes a full review to improve the uniformed organisation’s 10-year BB Programme, and action plans to increase its membership to at least 10,000 by the end of year 2005, and be present in at least 150 schools..

A new BB21 Programme will roll out for all its boys in January 2003, and they can expect greater emphasis on character development, through adult Christian mentoring and facilitation, a formalised Lifeskills content, with adventure and community service as the platforms for learning and discovering..

Can we count on your support?
Some 500 BB officers run BB parades every Saturday in the 92 schools. The BB will need another 500 committed officers to increase the reach of the church to young people. It will need to train and equip all its officers to become better mentors and facilitators of learning. It will need to develop content and resources for its officers to be effective in their delivery. It needs more churches to come forward to start BB companies (by Constitution, a BB company must be sponsored by a church).
The BB needs you to pray with it so that the BB ministry will continue to flourish, assisting the church to bring the Gospel to even more young people.

Does your church have a BB ministry?
If your church does not have ‘a BB ministry, call the BB Headquarters today to find out how you can benefit from sponsoring a BB company. If your church already has a BB company, do start a few more. While many boys have graduated from the ranks of the BB to become model members and leaders of the church, many more are slipping through with every passing year.

Many schools have come forward to ask for the BB to be started, but the organisation has been unable to find sufficient sponsoring churches. It needs your help today. Your church needs your help today.

For more information on how to give towards the BB21 Development Fund and how to start a BB company in your church, please contact Mr Albert Ching, Executive Director, at Tel: 6737 0377 or email albertching@bb.org.sg

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Tye Yew Meng is the Brigade Secretary. He is a member of Barker Road Methodist Church.