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Be still

Be still
TRAC WSCS ladies at the Lakeside

After nearly a year without physical meetings, 99 TRAC WSCS ladies gathered for a morning of silence and solitude. No, we did not contravene any COVID-19 safety regulations—the ladies met in 15 groups of at most eight persons over two weekends in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Jurong Lake Gardens and East Coast Park. Zoom-fatigued, we relished the time spent with the Lord and with each other. The fact that it was just before the busy Chinese New Year period made the time of quietness all the more precious.

The example of our Lord going to places of solitude while on earth to commune with His Father motivated us to do likewise. The spiritual discipline of silence is something many ladies found difficult. However, we prayed that the Holy Spirit would guide us as we put aside all distractions and anxiety. We gathered in anticipation of God coming to meet us in that place in our hearts. Despite the Circuit Breaker being an opportunity to pause and reflect, many have felt more stressed and frazzled as home became a place for work and home-based learning. With spouse and children at home, finding time to be still became more difficult. Thus, a morning alone with the Lord led many to join this WSCS event.

Each group had a facilitator who introduced Lectio Divina and gave practical tips on how to remove distractions. For the next hour and a half, we each found a quiet spot to worship and mediate on God’s Word by ourselves. Suggested passages for meditation on the theme of stillness were: Psalm 46, Psalm 62, Exodus 14:10–31, Zechariah 2:10­–13 and Habakkuk 2:18–20. Ladies were encouraged to write devotions on passages on which they had reflected.

The final hour was spent sharing with the group lessons learnt in the silence. This sharing proved to be encouraging and uplifting. Common themes in the sharing were revived attention to listening to God and seeing His creation right before our eyes.

Participants came from 16 Methodist churches. Not only did we have a wonderful time communing with God, we also had the opportunity to make new friends from sister churches.

Many devotions have been collected and will be compiled to be shared with our sisters in all TRAC churches on WSCS Sunday in May. Included will be drawings and sketches, poems and prayers, revealing the talents among our ladies.

We thank God for the time of rest and renewal. We praise Him for sisters who hunger and thirst for a deeper relationship with the Lord. All glory to Him!

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Angela Goh is the TRAC WSCS D&N coordinator. / Photos courtesy of TRAC WSCS