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Being a 4G Methodist

What does being a Methodist mean to you?
Sabina (second from left) and her family

“But you, O Lord, reign forever; your throne endures to all generations.”
Lamentations 5:19

My Methodist lineage is one that transcends generations. My great-grandparents began serving and worshipping in Tamil Methodist Church (Short Street) (TMCSS) in the early 1930s. My great-grandfather also served in the Evelyn Seminary. I was raised by my maternal grandaunts and uncles. I am the fourth generation of Methodists in our family that have been baptised and confirmed in TMCSS.

Being a Methodist to me means being the “voice” of my Lord everywhere I go. I journeyed through Sunday School, followed by Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) and now I am fortunate that the Lord has enabled me to serve actively, together with my family, in TMCSS. The enthusiasm to always exemplify God’s hand throughout my life encourages me to reach out and serve people who are in need and in search of Christ. Thus, whatever situation I am in, even if it means having to step out of my comfort zone, I will make every action count in the name of the Lord.

Our church is like a family, a home that connects us, and fills the missing gaps. I am blessed and grateful to be part of this rich Methodist heritage and I will pass the baton on to my daughters, Ynez and Zeta, to continue this journey. To God be the Glory!

Sabina with her grandaunts who worshipped at TMC in the 1930s

Sabina Molly Ismail is a member of Tamil Methodist Church (Short Street). She serves as the Secretary in the Local Church Executive Committee and Chairperson of the Outreach & Social Concerns ministry. / Photos courtesy of Sabina Molly Ismail