Bishop and three Presidents will be there

ONE need not walk at a MethodistWalk – you can run if you so wish!

News from the grapevine seems to indicate that running is high on the agenda for many … and taking the lead will be the three Presidents of the Annual Conferences – the Rev Khoo Cheng Hoot of the Chinese Annual Conference (CAC), the Rev James Nagulan of Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference (ETAC), and the Rev Wee Boon Hup of Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC).

Thanks very much … but Bishop Dr Robert Solomon and some of the principals will be taking a stroll …


Exam success at ACS (International)

STUDENTS and staff at ACS (International) are celebrating, having recently received the school’s first set of examination results.

Its first batch of IGCSE students achieved a pass rate of 98 per cent; 59 per cent were A*/A grades; 85 per cent were B or higher; 94 per cent were C or higher. (This compares favourably with the statistics for all schools taking the GCSE this year, where the average getting A*/A was 19 per cent and the average obtaining C grade or better was 62 per cent).

Individual subjects results were: Mathematics 80 per cent of grades were A*/A; English Language 64 per cent were A*/A; English Literature 76 per cent were A*/A; Biology 50 per cent were A*/A; Chemistry 63 per cent were A*/A; Physics 76 per cent were A*/A; Art 100 per cent were A*/A.

A glance at the published statistics of other international schools in Singapore appears to show that if there were a league table for IGCSE, ACS (International) would be at the top.

At A level, a small cohort (19 students) of mixed ability, who took Cambridge International A levels, achieved 100 per cent pass rate with 20 per cent achieving A grades and 62 per cent A and B grades. (The world average achieving A and B grades is about 40 per cent).

We thank God that our first students have been able to do so well, but, of course, the best is yet to be.

The Rev Dr John Barrett is Principal of ACS (International).