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Bishop: Committed leaders propel MWS

BISHOP Dr Robert Solomon praised God for the rich heritage and committed leaders who were instrumental in moving the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) to where it is today.

He was speaking as Patron of the MWS at its 24th Annual General Meeting on July 30, 2005 at Sophia Blackmore Hall, Methodist Centre.

Special mention was made of pioneering committee members Mr Richard Tambyah and Mr Khoo Hock Nam for their passion, dedication and encouragement towards the organisation. The meeting also thanked Mr Richard Tambyah for his many years of dedicated service as he steps down as Honorary Adviser.

A new Management Committee comprising the following was elected at the meeting:

Chairman: Mrs Tan Ee Leng; Vice-Chairman: Mr Albert Lim; Honorary Secretary: Mr Timothy Yen; Honorary Assistant Secretary: Mr John Tan; Treasurer: Mr Joseph Toh; Honorary Assistant Treasurer: Mr Robin Cheong.
Members: Mrs Veronica Poore, Mrs Ng Soo Kheng, Mr Christopher Tay, Mrs Heng-Lim Gaik Kee, and Mrs Woo Chu Sin.

Acknowledging the need for greater accountability and transparency to donors, volunteers and supporters, the newly-elected Chairman, Mrs Tan Ee Leng, said that she looks forward to working with the new Management Committee and the organisation towards this end.


Faith-Sharing New Testament’ with Psalms: Place your orders now

THE “Faith-Sharing New Testament with the Psalms”, which The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) is publishing, may be a gift with an important legacy and a life-changing capacity.

A tool for evangelism that uses the key texts of the ancient church, the New Testament writings and the Psalms, it is being produced as a commemorative edition to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the MCS this year. The Bible Society of Singapore is helping the MCS to publish it.

Stocks are expected to be available by November. Our Methodist churches and members are encouraged to buy copies of it to give away as Christmas gifts to relatives and friends, especially those who have yet to know Christ. They can place their bulk orders with their Pastor-in-Charge or with the MCS at Methodist Centre – tel: 6478-4780, 6478-4781, 6478-4782; fax: 6478-4794; email: peter.teo@methodist.org.sg, george.martzen@methodist.org.sg; liern.goh@methodist.org.sg

The New Testament and the Psalms go together like text and song.

Even as the New Testament was still being penned, the earliest Christians gave new voice to the ancient psalm-singing of the Jewish Synagogue. Because of the New Testament witness to Jesus’ resurrection, they had a new reason to sing praise and thanksgiving. Because Christ had become their new high priest, they could offer, with the psalmists, their prayers of pain and suffering. The Psalms complement the Gospels and other writings of the New Testament.

Through the centuries, the Psalms remained a profound part of the church’s worship and theology. Nor were they discarded in the Reformation.

Martin Luther and John Calvin promoted the psalms in worship. With the development of the printing press, editions of the New Testament with the Psalms became increasingly popular.

In the last century, organisations like the Bible Societies and Gideons International have given away countless pocket editions to soldiers, nurses, travellers and students.

Giving someone a copy of this “Faith-Sharing New Testament” is a way not only to continue this legacy but to make a difference in the life of someone who may not yet know Christ.

The “Faith-Sharing New Testament”, which the MCS is producing, makes use of the New Revised Standard Version, which seeks to follow the original languages accurately, while using current English and avoiding language that is unnecessarily prejudicial.