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Bishop Dr Solomon on new journal’s Editorial Board

CHRISTIAN leaders will have recently received a new periodical in the mail. Conversations, A Forum for Authentic Transformation, is a bi-annual Christian journal about transformational theology.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon, who sits on the Editorial Board of Conversations, was drawn to the periodical through his friendship with American psychologist Dr David G. Benner.

“He has spent many years in psychology, but also saw the place for spirituality in human life,” said Bishop Dr Solomon of Dr Benner. Conversations is the brain-child of Dr Benner.

Both the style and content make it interesting reading to a wide audience, whether those seeking help or those giving help.

Drawing on theology, psychology and classic Christian spiritual disciplines, the journal features candid and readable articles about the successes and setbacks of those who seek to be transformed into the image of Christ.

The opening article puts it this way: “Conversations has been created to provide spiritual accompaniment and honest dialogue for those who desire radical transformation in Christ. It is designed to both stimulate hunger and to illuminate the path by: 1) Drawing on classical wisdom and practice, 2) Exploring the vital role of community, and 3) Illustrating the journey with realism and hope.”

Conversations draws on a cross-section of Christian denominations and traditions. The first issue includes an article on the Desert Fathers by an Orthodox priest, Father F. Gregory Rogers, an article on praying with Russian iconography by a Presbyterian spiritual director, Juliet Benner, and an interview with Asbury Theological Seminary President, Maxie Dunnam, on the value of spiritual exercises.

The Executive Editors are David G. Benner and Gary W. Moon of the Psychological Studies Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, and Larry Crabb of Colorado Christian University. Other editors and contributors include Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, Margaret Guenther, James Houston, Selwyn Hughes, M. Basil Pennington and Gordon MacDonald.

Published in America, the journal is delivered by subscription in spring and autumn. To order, call 1-888-924-6774 ext 399 or email conversations@psy.edu