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Bishop Emeritus C. N. Fang dies

Bishop Emeritus Fang:
Founded Seminari
Teologi Malaysia.

BISHOP Emeritus C. N. Fang of The Methodist Church in Malaysia passed away on May 5, 2002 in Seremban, Malaysia. He was 77 years old.

He is best remembered for founding Seminari Teologi Malaysia and for building Wisma Methodist in Kuala Lumpur.

Born on Oct 10, 1925 in Indonesia, he grew up in Sitiawan, and had his studies interrupted by the war.

After the war, he qualified as a teacher in Seremban, but decided to serve the Lord, first as a local preacher. Admitted on trial in 1953, he was ordained an elder in the Malaysia Chinese Annual Conference in 1955.

After a successful pastoral ministry, which included serving as a District Superintendent, the Rev C. N. Fang was elected President of the Chinese Annual Conference in 1968.

When the Methodist Churches in Singapore and Malaysia separated in 1976, he was returned as Bishop of The Methodist Church in Malaysia. He retired as Bishop Emeritus in 1988.