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Bringing a taste of Singapore to Laos

Sharing love the Singapore way—through food!

On 6 June 2019, a group of 15 church members and friends aged between 44 and 81 left Singapore on a mission to Vientiane to help at the Singapore Fair at Singapore Mission School (SMS).

At SMS, we had the opportunity to watch its graduation concert. Seventy students, aged between three and 11, sang, danced and put up a skit in English.

 The next day, in preparation for the Singapore Fair, we packed items for sale, put up stall decorations and arranged furniture. The principal, teachers and students were also caught up with the final preparations. It was the first time the school was organising such a major event, to which some 700 guests were invited.

On the morning of the fair, we arrived early and set up our four stalls. There were also other food and drink stalls set up by teachers, as well as games and activities to entertain the children.

At 10 a.m., guests began arriving. The Singapore Ambassador, Dominic Goh, officiated the opening of the fair. Senior officials from the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports also graced the occasion. When the fair ended at 3 p.m., we had sold most of what we had brought from Singapore! We also thank God for the occasional breezes that sustained us through the very warm day.

 The money raised by the fair, as well as donations, will go towards funding school programmes and purchasing teaching resource kits.

The next day, we enjoyed a vibrant worship service at a local church, even though it was largely conducted in Lao. We performed a song item, “This Is the Day”, in English and Thai.

 We are grateful for the fair’s success and the unity of our team. It was truly by God’s grace and power that we managed to achieve our mission.

“Everyone played a part and complemented one another. Although some of us were first-time trippers, through the Holy Spirit at work amongst us, everyone worked as a team.”—Edward Leong

“I was very encouraged by the team’s cooperativeness and love. In particular, I was especially encouraged by Dr Aw, who is 81. There are many people in our congregation who think they are too old to be involved in missions—Dr Aw has proven otherwise.”—Ellyn Chay

“It was a lovely experience. I thank the Lord because we worked hard, wanting the fair to be a success, but there were three things we could not control—the weather, the turnout and everyone’s safety. I’m very thankful all went well.”— Dr Eileen Aw

About the Singapore Mission School

Set up in 2014 by a Singaporean couple in the Laotian capital, the school aims to provide a holistic education in English and Lao for the local children, so that they will have a strong moral, mental and educational foundation to positively influence their community and country in the future. The school welcomes teachers from Singapore who can contribute their expertise and time. If you’re keen to find out more about short and long-term opportunities at the school, please email mms@methodist.org.sg.

The Singapore Ambassador, Dominic Goh (left),
with a Lao senior official

A version of this article was first published in the August 2019 issue of Wesley TIDINGS.

Photographs courtesy of Selina Teo