Charles Tong moves on to Education Ministry HQ



MR CHARLES TONG has helmed Fairfield Methodist Primary School (FMPS) for five years (2004 to 2008). Under his leadership, FMPS has reached new heights through the transformation of the school to a vibrant learning environment and the provision of innovative student programmes.

From turning FMPS into a single-session school to the introduction of overseas twinning programmes, Mr Tong has provided an enriched learning experience for the pupils of FMPS. Many students, teachers and parents will also attest to the love and care that he has shown them during his leadership.

We thank him for his committed and God-filled service and wish him all the best as he continues the next phase of his journey at the Ministry of Education Headquarters. May God’s blessings and guidance continue to be with him.

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) began the new year with a change in the school name and a new Principal, Mrs Chaillan Mui Tuan.

Her experience in education encompasses teaching English and Music and taking on the posts of Curriculum Specialist at the Ministry of Education Headquarters, Head of Pupil Development Department at Catholic High School (Secondary) and Vice-Principal of Catholic High School (Primary).

She worships in a Methodist church.

She will continue the good work that Mr Tong has built and endeavours to uphold the school vision of developing each Fairsian to be “a leader of the future pursuing excellence, upholding strong Christian moral values and having a heart to serve”.



Lim Yan Hock helps school live up to its motto

MR LIM YAN HOCK, who joined Geylang Methodist School (Secondary) in late 2002, has led the school for six years now.

The school has grown in so many ways in these last six years. And true to the school motto, the school has indeed grown in Friendship, Body and Mind under Mr Lim’s leadership.

Friendship: Mr Lim has always adopted an open-door policy in his office and this has made him a principal who is approachable, providing a listening ear to all staff.

His weekly devotions and sharing during contact time usually hit a personal note, sharing his own experiences about his family, particularly his children, and also his official visits to schools around the world. From these sharings, he is seen as more than just a school leader; he is seen more as a person – a man of God, a mentor to the staff, a father and provider to his family.

The school body has grown in quality. The school, under his charge, has been blessed with numerous awards in the last six years – the Outstanding Development Award for National Education, the Character Development Award, Partners Award and the Cherish Award to name just a few.

Two students have been given national pinnacle awards like the PSC Overseas Scholarship Award and the Lee Kuan Yew All Round Excellence Award last year.

Most importantly, Mr Lim saw the school through perhaps its biggest milestone – when the school underwent PRIME. The school now has brand new classrooms, special rooms with equipped facilities, a spacious and conducive classroom and an indoor sports hall.

Mind: Mr Lim will be remembered for his passion for the performing arts, which has allowed the school to continue to build and develop in this niche area.

The staff have also been inspired by the way he went the extra mile looking at what was always thought of as “the little things” when it came to, say, food for staff gatherings and school camps.

Looking back, sometimes it is the little things that touch the heart and mind and make all the difference.

Mr Lim will continue God’s work as Principal at Presbyterian High School.

Miss Doris Ho, previously from Boon Lay Secondary School, succeeded him as the Principal from Dec 15, 2008.

Theseira Sandra is the Head of Department (English Language) at Geylang Methodist School (Secondary).