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Church kindergartens, child care centres hold first get-together for staff

schools-Nov 2005

THE Methodist Church Kindergartens/Child Care Centres made history when their staff had a get-together for the first time at Methodist Centre on Sept 23, 2005.

It was organised by the Methodist Kindergartens/Child Care Centres Principals’ Network, which comes under the guidance of Mrs Tang Poh Kim, the Education Secretary.

This was the first time that all Methodist pre-school centres had come together for fellowship. It was also an appropriate time for The Methodist Church in Singapore to recognise staff members who had been serving as teaching and non-teaching staff faithfully for many years.

A loud resounding “wow” was heard when the names of the longest serving staff members were announced.

Mrs Wong Li Li from the Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten and Miss Iris Tan from the Faith Kindergarten were the two longest serving teachers, each with 34 years of service. Following closely behind with more than 30 years of service were Ms Monica Ang Eng and Ms Diana Kuik Siak Hong from Toa Payoh and Ms Han Wee Lan from Ang Mo Kio.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon, the Guest-of-Honour, gave an inspiring message entitled “Making Life-Long Impressions”, taken from Deuteronomy 6. He gave away the Long Service Awards in the form of vouchers to 49 recipients.

It was a significant day for many of us as we were encouraged not only by the good turnout of the staff but also the pastors and chairmen from the different churches. Altogether, 192 people were present.

Elsie Yee is the Principal of Faith Kindergarten.