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Class of 2008 at ACJC surpasses predecessors’ benchmark

The class of 2008 that excelled at the A-Levels. ACJC Principal Mrs Kelvyna Chan (in pink blouse) is in the centre with the students. – ACJC picture.

THE class of 2008 at Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) has surpassed the benchmark set by their predecessors at the A-Levels.

March 6, 2009 saw the release of the much-anticipated A-Level results for the second batch of 925 students taking the revised JC curriculum.

For the revised curriculum, all candidates have to offer a minimum of seven subjects, of which at least one of the content-based subjects must be a contrasting subject. Hence an Arts student would have to offer at least one Science subject, and vice versa.

The revised JC curriculum is indeed more demanding as it has more depth in terms of the number of subjects to be offered by students, and more breadth because of the minimum requirement of at least one contrasting subject.

Based on the new Ministry of Education (MOE) performance indicator “percentage of candidates obtaining at least 3 H2 passes, with a pass in GP or Knowledge & Inquiry (KI)” introduced in 2008, 92.8 per cent of the students achieved at least 3 H2 passes with a pass in GP or KI, surpassing the national average of 87.7 per cent.

Of special mention is the fact that 202 students of the class of 2008 obtained a minimum of 3 H2 distinctions. This means that 22 per cent of the class of 2008 managed to obtain a minimum of 3 H2 distinctions. The number of students with seven distinctions doubled over the previous year and there were 40 students with six distinctions.

However, education is not just about excelling at the Singapore-Cambridge A-Level Examinations. ACJC is committed to an all-round education. To this end, programmes are put in place to develop students cognitively, physically, aesthetically, socially, morally, emotionally and in leadership.

In 2008, the MOE validated these programmes in ACJC for rigour. Based on sustained achievements over the past three years and the validation exercise, ACJC was awarded three Sustained Achievement Awards in Sports, Aesthetics and Physical Fitness, the Outstanding Award for Character Development, the Best Practice Award for Teaching & Learning, and the MOE School Distinction Award.

ACJC is happy with the performance of the past year. It builds on the strong foundation set by the secondary schools.

Said a spokesman: “It also acknowledges that God calls us to be trusted stewards and He alone brings forth the outcomes. We thank God for His blessings and give Him all the glory for His continued faithfulness to the College.”


A driven and passionate leader

KELLY KWAN (above) is a Science student who obtained seven distinctions in all her subjects at the 2008 GCE A-Level Examinations.

As the President of the 32nd Student Council, Kelly is a driven and passionate leader who inspired her councillors throughout their term of office.

She took part in dragonboat competitions, served as a worship leader at several college chapel sessions and also took the initiative to lead in numerous class-based projects.

For her outstanding contributions to the college, she was selected to be the Valedictorian of the 2007-2008 ACJC students and was on the Principal’s Honour Roll.

She was the Tan Chin Tuan Scholar 2007; the Book Prize winner for GP H1 at the JC1 Promotional Examination 2007; Chairman of the 2008 Orientation Committee; Community Reader for the KidsRead Programme, a reading programme for children from low income backgrounds; a member of the band, “Esoteric” for the ACJC Arts Night; and workshop facilitator for the Singapore Arts Museum Public Education and Public Programmes Initiative.

Top Science student an all-rounder

DAVID LOO CHIH CHIANG (above) is one of the top Science students who obtained seven distinctions in the 2008 GCE A-Level Examinations, of which one of the distinctions is in his H3 subject.

It is rare to come across a student like him who excels academically and in sports. He is the captain of the Swimming Team and led the team to clinch the 2nd runnersup position in the National Inter-School Swimming Championships 2008. For his outstanding contribution to the college, he was listed on the Principal’s Honour Roll.

He was a recipient of Singapore Police Force Book Prize Award 2008; winner of the Scholastic Merit Award for JC1 Promotional Examinations 2007; participant in the Ministry of Education (MOE) Science Research Programme 2006/7; national representative at the International Science Summer Camp held in Beijing 2007; Youth Representative at the Global Young Leaders’ Conference; and School representative at the MOE-NTU Nanyang Research Programme (NRP).

Top Arts student effectively trilingual

JOANNE TAN YU MIN (above)obtained seven distinctions at the 2008 GCE A-Level Examinations, including a distinction in H3 English Literature.

She is actively involved in various community projects and participated in a class-initiated trip to Bintan, where she taught English at a local primary school. She is effectively trilingual having taken French since she was 13.

She was a recipient of the Humanities Scholarship 2007/8, the top Arts Student award of the 2007 promotional examinations; attained the DALF C, a foreign language qualification recognised by the French Ministry of Education and awarded to profi cient speakers who exhibit fluent and spontaneous communication skills; volunteered for the patients’ Mobile Library Services; participated in the Lunar Year visit to the Society for the Aged Sick and a Christmas visit to Renci Hospital and Medicare Centre; participated in the Interact Club’s fund-raising and recycling project through collection of newspapers and old clothes in Ang Mo Kio; and was involved in KidsRead 2007/8.