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Come visit a Singaporean theological institution

What are some reasons for you to consider joining us at the Trinity Theological College (TTC) Open House on 20 Jan

TTC has established itself as a Singaporean theological institution: Our faculty members are now predominantly Singaporeans who better understand contextual issues and competently address them; our donor base is Singaporean; and two-thirds of the student population is from Singapore.

At TTC, you will find study and formational programmes that sharpen your mind, shape your heart, and strengthen your hands to serve God in church and the world. Together with other members of the TTC community, you will be inspired and encouraged to grow in faith, and discern God’s voice and will for your life.

Alumnus Rev Darryl Chan, Senior Pastor of Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church, affirmed that “TTC has provided holistic training to develop my theological framework, ministerial equipping and spiritual formation. On top of that, the relationships with the faculty, fellow students and alumni have become a wide network of resources to support and enhance my ministry effectiveness.”

Is it your desire to deepen your understanding of the Christian tradition and develop a spiritually mature and vibrant faith? One way is through a theological education that is grounded in sound and solid Christian scholarship which can help equip you to serve God in church and society.

Alumnus Rev Joshua Sudharman, Vicar of St John’s – St Margaret’s Church (Anglican), told us he has gained “confidence, because TTC gave me a solid foundation in various areas of theology and in handling God’s Word. I really liked that our lecturers taught us ‘how to think’ rather than ‘what to think’. This is constantly helpful in my ministry. I am able to look at questions from members from various angles instead of just dishing up a denominational doctrine.”

TTC continues to be an ideal place that nurtures and equips people for the ministry. Alumna Rev Helen Hoe, Pastor-in-Charge of Charis Methodist Church, shared her experience that “TTC laid the foundation… It shaped my perspective on the fundamentals in pastoral ministry and trained me to get my priorities right: to wait upon God and make time for people, in the midst of a hectic schedule in the parish.”

TTC continues to work closely with the National Council of Churches of Singapore in its engagement in society through the partnership of ETHOS Institute™ of Public Christianity. We also collaborate with seminaries in South East Asia, provide leadership to the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia, and have partnerships with key universities and seminaries in China and North America.

So come for our Open House – you can visit our campus, meet our faculty, speak with students, attend classes, worship and fellowship with us. Bring your questions, bring your friends!

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The Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian is Principal of Trinity Theological College.