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Dedication of seven new prison chaplains

The prison chaplains, from left, the Rev Stephen Cheng, the Rev Chng Siew Sin, the Rev Lorna Khoo, the Rev Brenda Lim, Mrs Andy Lim (representing her husband, Major Andy Lim, who was absent), the Rev Henry Khoo, the Rev Chiu Ming Li, and the Rev Kenny Fam. — Prison Fellowship Singapore picture.

A MILESTONE in the history of Prison Fellowship Singapore was reached on April 20, 2002 when Bishop Dr Robert Solomon dedicated seven new Honorary Prison Chaplains at the Salvation Army Changi Conference Centre at Upper Changi Road.

The seven new chaplains are: Major Andy Lim from the Salvation Army, the Rev Brenda Lim from the Assemblies of God of Singapore, the Rev Kenny Fam from Queenstown Baptist Church, the Rev Stephen Cheng from Faith Community Baptist Church, the Rev Chng Siew Sin, the Rev Chiu Ming Li, and the Rev Lorna Khoo, all from The Methodist Church in Singapore.

The new chaplains will assist the Honorary Senior Chaplain, the Rev Henry Khoo, in providing spiritual leadership in the in-care and after-care work of the prisons.

With a wealth of pastoral experience behind them, they will add much depth to the work of rehabilitating the prisoners and providing pastoral care to their families.

Speaking from Galatians 3, Bishop Dr Solomon reminded the congregation that the Scripture declares that the whole world is a prisoner of sin (v.22). The problem of sin is not only the problem of criminals and prisoners; it is the problem of every one of us, he said.

He encouraged the new chaplains to be courageous in addressing the problem of sin so that sinners would “turn to Jesus Christ as the answer”.

The Rev Kenny Fam is Pastor of Queenstown Baptist Church.