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Ducks help bring cheer to Yong-en Care Centre

Staff of Yong-en Care Centre with the Duck Mascot at the Duck Race Carnival. — Yong-en Care Centre picture.

Ducks help bring cheer to Yong-en Care Centre

YONG-EN Care Centre, serving the community in Chinatown, is a major project funded by Fairfield Methodist Church. The centre was chosen as one of the six beneficiaries in the Great Singapore Duck Race held on Nov 16, 2003.

The year 2003 was an uncertain time for fund-raising activities with the downturn in the economy being one of the difficulties. Furthermore, with the end of SARS, there had been an onslaught of fund-raising efforts — one on top another, causing perhaps even a sense of “charity fatigue” among the public.
Despite the obstacles, Yong-en was blessed in many ways. Although the final tally of 16,200 ducks adopted — which raised over $162,000 — was below the 20,000 expected and way below the 25,000 set as a target, the event had given the centre many opportunities to tell the community about its work.

From the sales stands Yong-en placed in major shopping centres, to the sidewalks on Orchard Road, to the fun-filled carnival on Race Day, Yong-en workers took every opportunity to tell the people about their work. As a result, additional donations were received through the sale of the ducks.

Funds raised will help support centre’s programmes in Chinatown

As with all funds raised, they will help support the centre’s ongoing programme in Chinatown for individuals as well as families. Yong-en has a growing list of active community projects:

Kids N Teen provides social counselling services for students and families, academic tuition, and life skills training programmes to students in primary and secondary schools, as well as a special support group for those that come from single parent or step families.

Healthcare and Home Help Service serves the elderly by providing at the centre, daily programmes for exercise, socialising, and health maintenance; and by providing at their homes, health and medication checks, escort service for medical appointments, housekeeping assistance, food delivery, and regular social visitation.

Dementia Day Care Service (DDCS), which was launched last November, is the only service of its kind being provided in Singapore’s central region.

By providing this service during the workday, the centre relieves some of the care-giving stress for the dementia sufferer’s family, who otherwise may have no choice but to place the sufferer in a nursing home. This allows families to keep their afflicted elderly members within the home environment, which is clearly the preferred choice of many families.

If you would like to know more about the work being done at Yong-en Care Centre, please call 6225-1002 or visit www.yong-en.org.sg

David Tai is a volunteer worker with Yong-en Care Centre and a member of Fairfield Methodist Church.