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Eat Share Connect: Sharing meals, touching lives.

Mr Tan has been sleeping in his delivery van and is working with his social worker to secure a home

When Mr Tan Wei Meng* found himself homeless and had nowhere to go, he took to living in the delivery van that he uses for his work as a courier. Over time, the unconducive living conditions and his inability to get a good night’s sleep affected his work. Eventually, Mr Tan was referred to MWS Covenant Family Service Centre – Hougang. With the support of an MWS social worker, Mr Tan was better able to handle difficult decisions and work towards securing himself a home.

There are those among us like Mr Tan who may not have homes to return to after a hard day’s work, or the love and warmth of families to support them. Others are simply too stressed or do not have the means to have nutritious, sit-down meals.

This year, why not make a conscious effort to get to know those from different backgrounds, understand their struggles and strengths, and be a blessing to them? You will also be surprised how much you can learn from their resilience and courage in handling the immense challenges in their lives.

The Giving Methodist 2020 invites you to Eat Share Connect

To commemorate the 135th anniversary of The Methodist Church in Singapore, MWS will be rolling out the Eat Share Connect programme, a communal dining outreach to bless those like Mr Tan.

What is Eat Share Connect?

It is a platform to connect with low-income families or individuals over a meal around a dining table—a place for gatherings, connections, blessing, giving and celebrations, as well as for sharing the brokenness and struggles in our lives.

How Does Eat Share Connect work?

This activity can be run in several ways. Between 26 Feb and 30 May 2020,

  • Open your home to low-income families and connect with them over a meal.
  • As a group, organise Eat Share Connect on your premises, at an MWS Centre or a public venue such as the community clubs in the heartlands.

What happens during Eat Share Connect?

  • Conduct a cooking demonstration of easy recipes from the Simply Good: Healthy Family Meals, a recipe book compiled by the General Conference Women’s Society of Christian Service to commemorate MCS 135.
  • Prepare the ingredients, cook together.
  • Eat, share and connect!

Beyond MCS 135

MWS hopes to raise $1.35m to bless 1,000 families who are struggling with costs of daily living. Each family will be gifted with $1,350. We need befrienders to continue to Eat Share Connect with low-income families for one year from June 2020 to May 2021.

*Not his real name

[vc_cta h2=”” el_width=”sm”]Partner us in blessing the community during the 135th anniversary of The Methodist Church in Singapore. If you would like to organise an Eat Share Connect activity or volunteer as a befriender, please email tgm@mws.sg.

Visit https://thegivingmethodist.sg or scan the QR code from mid-January 2020 for more details on Eat Share Connect and to find out how to give. MWS will be putting up a schedule of venues where Eat Share Connect will be taking place.


Residents of Term Fun Home with various mission teams that have visited them
Residents of Term Fun Home with various mission teams that have visited them
Residents of Term Fun Home with various mission teams that have visited them

By the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) Communications Team

Photo courtesy of Methodist Welfare Services