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Fairfield Methodist Primary Principal drowned


THE Principal of Fairfield Methodist Primary School, Mrs Tan Shook Fund (above), who was holidaying with her family in Thailand, drowned in the sea on Dec 11, 2003 while trying to save her four-year-old son Darryl, who had been swept away by strong waves.

Her husband, Dr Terence Tan, 42, also tried to save Darryl and her, but his efforts failed.
They were holidaying in Krabi, a beach resort in southern Thailand, when the tragedy struck. They were walking on a sandbar where the water was about one metre deep when large waves hit them. Dr Tan, who was carrying Darryl, lost his balance and fell, losing his hold on his son, who was swept away.

Darryl could not swim and Mrs Tan was not a good swimmer. Although Dr Tan is a strong swimmer, he was not able to save them.

Mrs, Tan, 43, was appointed Principal of Fairfield Methodist Primary School on Jan 2, 2002. She received her primary and secondary education at Fairfield Methodist Girls’ School.

In the 1980s she returned to her alma mater in the secondary school as a trained teacher after her studies at the National University of Singapore. In the early 1990s she received a scholarship to pursue a post-graduate course in choral music in England.

Mrs Tan served as a choir director at Wesley Methodist Church.

She and her son were cremated on Dec 17, 2003.