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Family of five spirals into debt after accident

A row of rented flats that some low-income households, like Mr Yong and his family, call home

As a Methodist Family, we can make a positive impact!

Mr Yong TK, a father of three, used to run a stall at a hawker centre. While business was not brisk, he made enough to support his family. Tragically, he met with an accident and sustained chronic neck and spine injuries, which affected his ability to sit or stand for long periods. Unable to find full-time employment, the 55-year-old currently works at an ad-hoc job that pays only one third of what he used to make.

With the reduced income, Mr Yong found it difficult to make ends meet and had to borrow from the bank for his family’s daily expenses, his medical treatment and his eldest son’s education. He struggled to pay his bills on time and in full, and ended up accumulating arrears. The financial strain caused him to feel extremely stressed.

Mr Yong was referred to Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) by Hakka MC and placed on the MWS Family Development Programme. With guidance and encouragement from a volunteer, he has since been consistent in paying his bills on time and repaying his bank loan. Mr Yong was determined to clear all outstanding debts and save for his family’s future. He is now going on to the second year on the programme and working towards savings matching where every dollar he saves is matched by MWS with $2, enabling him to build his emergency fund more quickly.

Expressing appreciation for the support from MWS and the Hakka MC volunteers, Mr Yong said: “I’m very grateful for the help that MWS has given us. Without your help, our life will be tougher. Now with your help, we feel at ease and less stressed. Our financial situation has also become better.”

Help families weighed down by debts and costs of everyday living

Many of the families MWS serves are households from the bottom 10 per cent income group who are struggling with the costs of daily living. In celebration of the 135th anniversary of The Methodist Church in Singapore, MWS aims to bless 1,000 families with $1.35 million of financial assistance. Each family will receive $1,350 over a period of one year.

As a Methodist family, let us give generously to help families weighed down by debts and costs of everyday living.

Make a difference with a donation that will be used to better the lives of disadvantaged families. We are appealing for either a regular contribution of $1 a day ($30 monthly), or any amount that you can give monthly. You can also choose to make a one-time donation.

Visit thegivingmethodist.sg or scan the QR code to find out more.

By the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) Communications Team

Photo courtesy of MWS