Finding Your Place – A 3-month discipleship programme by CAC Board of Youth Ministry

A 3-month discipleship programme by CAC Board of Youth Ministry
A 3-month discipleship programme

The CAC Board of Youth Ministry kickstarted Finding Your Place (FYP) in 2020 with the objective of preparing youths and young adults to flourish in God’s kingdom. The programme will be conducted again in January to March 2023, and registration is now open.

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What did FYP2022 participants think?

Chavelle Kok, Kum Yan Methodist Church | FYP 2022 Participant

FYP was a helpful ‘spring cleaning’ session—it got me to re-evaluate my beliefs. Over the years, I had unknowingly subscribed to many beliefs that were not in line with the Bible. These views weren’t necessarily sinful and were often very subtle in how they shaped my thoughts, but they certainly hindered my walk with God! For example, I believed that only jobs that involved relating to people, like social workers and teachers, were ‘meaningful’ in God’s kingdom. That subconscious belief led me to discount jobs in other areas, like the sciences. In reality, God is very present in the sciences—he created it!

FYP was a safe space with super encouraging mentors. When my mentors facilitated discussions about real-world issues, we didn’t feel judged or condemned. I was on a spiritual low just before FYP, and my mentors helped to put me back on track!

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Elena Yeo, Pastoral Ministry Staff & Chaplain, Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church | FYP 2022 Mentor

I joined FYP as a mentor for the first time, and it was life-changing! I now know where I stand in the context of God’s Grand Story. FYP has made me see how God is present in every aspect of society: sociology, mathematics, sciences, the arts, governance, business and economics, and education. Jesus came to reconcile all things to himself and in him, all things hold together—this has helped me to live coram Deo, ‘before the face of God’. I have since been using what I have gained from FYP to frame my teaching and preaching to the younger generation in my ministry.

Looking back, I also enjoyed every moment we got to spend together outside the classroom. The friendships I have built with the participants, mentors and teachers, I know I will keep for a long, long time. Three months may sound daunting and intensive, but believe me, it will be an incredible and unforgettable journey.

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By Chinese Annual Conference (CAC) Communications Team/ Photos courtesy of CAC