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First Methodist Heritage Gallery opens in Sibu

SIBU (Sarawak) – The history of the Sarawak Methodist Church has long been neglected. With the opening of the first-ever Methodist Heritage Gallery it is hoped that more Methodists will be aware of the history of the church, which in turn, will strengthen members’ faith by remembering God’s amazing love and deeds in the old days.

The gallery, rebuilt from the old sanctuary of Cing Ang Tong Methodist Church, which was built in 1945, was declared open by the Rev Dr Dato Su Chii Ann, President of the Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC), on Feb 28.

He took this memorable opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the church to brother Ngu Bek Yii who contributed the neighbouring land on which a new sanctuary will be erected.

Situated in Kwong Hua area, Sungai Maaw, at the opposite bank of Sibu, the gallery is open from Monday to Saturday.

The gallery’s opening was celebrated in an unique and symbolic way. First, church leaders led by the Rev Dr Dato Su cycled to Cing Ang Tong Methodist Church. The event brought back memories of the good old days when church pastors moved around visiting church members door-to-door on bicycles.

Before entering the sanctuary, an earthen jar was prepared for worshippers to wash their dirty feet and shoes. At the entrance, a big mirror was in place so that worshippers could further tidy themselves. Both settings reminded us to be always reverent and ready to worship the Almighty God.

The uniqueness of the Trinity of our Lord was displayed throughout the church setting. There were three crosses on top of the three lofts, three wooden plaques on which the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments and the Apostles’ Creed were written, three staircases to the altar, and triangular glass on the windows.

Connection, the English station of The Chinese Methodist Message, Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference.


Our call to prayer

AS WE CELEBRATE THE 125TH ANNIVERSARY of The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS), we remember with grateful hearts God’s goodness and faithfulness and we give anks to Him for His bountiful blessings on His Church.

We want to commit the MCS to Almighty God as we continue to seek His guidance and will.


• Our Bishop Dr Robert Solomon and the three Annual Conference Presidents, the Rev Dr Chong Chin Chung (CAC), the Rev James Nagulan (ETAC), and the Rev Dr Wee Boon Hup (TRAC), as they provide spiritual leadership to the MCS.
• Our Pastors as they lead the local churches and shepherd the flocks.
• God’s guidance as we unite in carrying out His Mission for His glory.
• The Executive Director and staff of the Methodist Welfare Services as they coordinate our outreach to the chronically poor with this year’s 125th Anniversary Community Outreach Programme in particular, and the community in general.
• The Executive Director and staff of the Methodist Missions Society as they share God’s Word and plant churches in the neighbouring countries.
• The Executive Director and staff of the DISCIPLE Agency as they share teaching resources and train disciples.
• The Principals and teachers of our Methodist Schools and Kindergartens as they educate and nurture the students and young children in the Ways of the Lord.
• God’s blessing and protection on our families in our churches.