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First Telugu Methodist Church formed in Singapore

It is the 8th ETAC church and the 44th of The Methodist Church in Singapore

SINGAPORE has its first Telugu church. July 28, 2008 is a significant day in the life of the Telugu Ministry in Singapore as well as that of Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference (ETAC) when the Singapore Telugu Methodist Church was constituted as a local conference. The event was held at Tamil Methodist Church in Short Street.

More than 250 worshippers witnessed the “birth” of the church, which makes it the eighth ETAC church and the 44th of The Methodist Church in Singapore. Friends from all ETAC and a couple of TRAC churches were also present to witness the historic event.

Greetings from well-wishers
The President of ETAC, the Rev James Nagulan, shared notes of greetings from well-wishers wishing the Telugu Church God’s blessings.

Many well-wishers, prayer partners and Indian diaspora leaders from the United States, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, India, the Fiji Islands, South Africa and Canada sent their greetings. ETAC pastors conveyed their love and greetings; greetings were also received from Tamil Methodist Church, Short Street.

Said a leader: “We appreciate the support and prayers of all the Methodist churches in Singapore.”

At the Inaugural Service, the Telugu choir presented musical items with graceful singing.

New website
IT-savvy members have designed a website – www.sgtmc.org – for the Telugu Church for its greater networking and communication purposes. The website was launched by Bishop Dr Robert Solomon.

The Bishop, who was the main guest and speaker, encouraged the Telugu Church to be focused and to move on with the purpose of glorifying God. He said that the church belongs to God and it is for His glory that we live and serve.

The Rev R. Prabhu, the ETAC District Superintendent who steered the ministry in its intial days, shared the history of the ministry and highlighted how God blessed those humble beginnings.

The Telugu Church currently has 135 members, with about 60 waiting to attend membership classes before they are enrolled as full members.

The Pastor-in-Charge is the Rev Nagulan. He is assisted by Mr Anil Samuel, a Ministry Staff of ETAC.

There was much joy and jubilation among those who witnessed the event.

It was a day to look back at the humble beginnings of the ministry, give thanks to God for His goodness and celebrate another dimension of His faithfulness in the formation of Singapore Telugu Methodist Church.

Every Telugu member who pledged to stay as a faithful disciple, spoke of those who have tasted God’s grace in their lives.

The Lord’s faithfulness
The event shows what God can do to and through his children in answer to their prayers. Eight years of His faithfulness in the Telugu Fellowship have culminated in the formation of Singapore Telugu Methodist Church.

Its formation has paved the way for a more meaningful participation of members, greater commitment in ministry and a deeper sense of belonging to one another besides the drive to reach out to more Telugus in and around Singapore.

When asked how he felt about the formation of the Telugu Church, a member said: “I am delighted to be a part of this Methodist family.”

A long-standing Telugu leader said: “It is the right time to see the Telugu Fellowship form into a Congregation.”

The new church is committed to its vision to reach out to the Telugu people in Singapore and help them grow in the Lord and make them disciples of Jesus Christ. Members see mission at their doorsteps as “God is sending thousands of Telugu friends to the shores of Singapore to work”.

The strength of the Telugu Ministry is in its focus on evangelism. Very effective is its evangelism through cell groups, where members gather once a week in various places and invite new friends to share God’s love and edify them in the Word. The fruit has been tremendous. All glory be to God alone.

Anil Samuel is a Ministry Staff of Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference.