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Flourish in Cambodia
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The seed of Flourish

Flourish is a ministry God has provided for women in need to build livelihoods that impact and transform their lives and that of their families. It is also a ministry where God enables the volunteers to witness the seed of His faithful providence, to grow the seed of our faith and giftings and to enable us to share the seed of His Word, His light and hope.

Flourish was started in 2011 by Barker Road Methodist Church (BRMC) as a Missions Livelihood Project. Then called “Project Love Cambodia,” Flourish’s first group of ladies were from Prek Toal Methodist Church, Steung Meanchey, Phnom Penh.

In 2012, the BRMC Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS) placed a large order for crochet crosses for Mother’s Day/WSCS Sunday. This started us on a nation-wide crochet outreach campaign where we taught crochet in all Methodist institutions across Cambodia. All glory to God, we managed to fulfil more than 1,600 pieces of crochet crosses and provided jobs for more than 20 women.

In 2014, God extended our mission field to Chress Church, Community Outreach Services–Immanuel (COSI), Post-COSI Integration Programme (PCOSIIP) and the area of Odem.

When COVID-19 struck in 2020 and Singapore went into its Circuit Breaker, Flourish evolved to include local artisans referred by BRMC’s Outreach & Social Concerns (OSC). Thanks be to God for opening more doors as we went through the Circuit Breaker.

Today, Flourish is a volunteer-run ministry supporting more than 20 ladies in Cambodia and seven ladies in Singapore.

How you can help

  • Buy our products

Check out our webstore at www.craftedtoflourish.com. Every product you purchase will enable more to be made, which will provide more jobs for our artisans. Custom or bulk orders are always welcome. 100 per cent run by volunteers, and all proceeds go towards healthcare, education and community development for our artisans.

  • Volunteer

Are you someone who believes in our mission? We need all the help we can get. We are calling for befrienders, product designers, sewers, crochets, social media storytellers, photographers, videographers, models, content creators and business development professionals. As long as you have a willing heart to serve, come alongside us and join the Flourish family.

  • Gift Resources

If you own a factory with raw materials such as fabric, yarn and leather to donate or have a company seeking corporate social responsibility projects, or are someone who shares our vision and would like to support our mission, we would love to hear from you!

How you can pray for us

With a grateful heart of praise and joy, we give thanks to the Lord for birthing the Flourish ministry. Do pray alongside with us for the Lord to enable:

  • beneficiaries and families to be healed physically and emotionally and to live transformed lives redeemed by His grace and hope
  • beneficiaries’ families to witness the new dawn in their lives and together as a family seek to know and accept the Lord as their Saviour
  • volunteers to serve as one united body emboldened by God’s love, be faithful in following the Lord’s leading and wisdom, and be strengthened to journey with the beneficiaries and to share the Good News
  • those who are able to participate in this ministry through the sharing of their time, resources and talents to assist as artisans, donors of materials or partners to journey with the beneficiaries
  • the volunteers and missionaries involved to rejoice always in whatever we do, to pray continually for all involved and to give thanks in all circumstances so that God’s light shines forth in all lives and His Name be lifted high and glorified

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!” (Isa 52:7)

The journey with our artisans




Who do we turn to

when life becomes



When happiness is nothing

but a hope whispered

in the dead

of yet another sleepless night


When the person who promised

to love us

becomes the very reason we lose

our faith


When illness strips us of

every dream

we’ve dared to dream


When our families remain

only to remind us of the hurts we carry,

the losses we bury,

and the brokenness we try so hard to mend


When we live

only so our children

won’t need to face the darkness alone


With heads to the floor

we weep

until our bodies feel like nothing

but the smoke

of unanswered prayers


And then, one day

on a day unlike the rest

a window opens


And hope begins to make its way

back into our fractured hearts


Our fellow women arrive

with hearts open

and hands raised for service


And we begin a beautiful exchange

of time, talent and stories


Our hands,

formerly cusped

in perpetual prayers

now in service

to craft something beautiful


Hope is the fabric of healing

that we weave


With every stitch

we become stronger


Together, we dream and build a community

committed to all creeds, convictions

colours, cultures and conditions


We work towards a vision

of God’s eudaimonia—


United by our love for each other

and our Creator


Building a world where

‘light in darkness’

is not just another idea


It’s who we are

it’s what we’re made of

it’s what we were born to do.


This poem describes the Flourish manifesto of how Flourish reaches out to women going through challenging situations in our broken world. Many are single mothers struggling to raise their children on their own, after going through difficult relationships. Others may be going through difficulties due to critical illnesses. Whatever their situation, Flourish is committed to journeying with them, providing a sustainable livelihood for them and a life of dignity for them, their families and community, that they may see the hope and light of our Creator.

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Caroline Ng-Cheng, Jessie Yong and Cara Chiang are members of Barker Road Methodist Church (BRMC) / Photos courtesy of BRMC