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FUSION sets off day of energetic learning for 300

noun: a nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy

A “simultaneous release of energy” is exactly what was achieved on Jan 25, 2003 as more than 300 youths and their mentors gathered for a day of learning, networking and glorifying our God.

FUSION 2003 is the first major effort of TRAC Youth Ministries (Truth Ministries). Set up in July last year, Truth Ministries is an endeavour of Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) to support the youth ministries in our Methodist churches and schools. Headed by the Rev Dr Norman Wong, Truth Ministries has a staff strength of 11 at The Hope Centre, an activity hub set up for the youths. In addition, they are assisted by 15 Christian Ministry Staff based in our schools.

In a letter inviting the various youth ministries, the Rev Dr Wong wrote: “I want to challenge your leadership team to look beyond its walls. I believe the Lord is calling us together to make a significant impact on the youths in this nation, as well as in the regions around us. There are things that He wants us to do together that we would find impossible to do on our own.”

With only seven hours to bring that message across to the congregations from our 17 TRAC churches, three preaching points, and 14 schools, the day began with a time of worship led by our guests from Cantonese Methodist Kum Yan Church.

It was then followed by an address entitled “Restoring the Wesleyan Flame” by the Rev Dr Isaac Lim, the President of TRAC. He challenged the participants to pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit: “This is not a new movement for us Methodists; in fact, it is recorded that such a ‘radical’ movement actually happened in John Wesley’s time! It is time for this generation to seek and discover our true heritage.”

“Father Make Us One” was the main thrust of the day, and it addressed the question what does the Lord want us to do together?

The celebration in the evening saw a culmination of the efforts of our youths – the combined worship team from Wesley Methodist Church and The Third Place ministered in a time of praise and worship. Christ Methodist Church presented a dance item as an example of how youths can enjoy themselves, and grow in discipleship at the same time.

At the close of the evening, the participants were encouraged to respond to at least one of the following challenges:
1. PRAYER: To pray weekly in small groups for an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit. All were encouraged to come together on June 20, 2003 for the International Prayer Conference.
2. DISCIPLESHIP: To give regular account to a mentor and intentionally select a few persons to disciple. (All participants were given a list of leadership training events for the year to help facilitate this).
3. EVANGELISM: If each ministry could conduct an evangelistic programme on just two Friday nights a year at the Hope Centre – together we could fill an entire year — then our youths will know that they could bring their non-Christian friends on any Friday night of the year to hear the Gospel.
4. SOCIAL CONCERNS: To give sacrificially to the needy.
5. MISSIONS: To be involved in cross-cultural evangelism and missions. As the whole event was sponsored by a Methodist to encourage youth ministry, the offering taken was given entirely to the Methodist Missions Society to help disadvantaged children in Vietnam. A week after the event, a young man handed in a stack of hong bao as his contribution to that cause. An adult also handed in a cheque to support 100 Vietnamese children.

Plans are being made for a combined youth camp in December.