God is Our Refuge – Psalm 46

The psalm is a prophecy of God’s

response to turmoil that will occur.


Mountains may shake with fury.

Nations rage, kingdoms will fall.

He makes wars to end that the

earth may have peace.

Be still as God is in control.


God is our strength and refuge,

Amidst the earth’s deluge.

Though turbulent waters roar,

And the earth is no more.

Nations of the earth fall,

God is aware of all.

He makes wars to cease,

To give the world peace.

There need be no alarm,

God saves the world from harm.

He will act and address

The world’s awful mess.

Nations need to just behold,

The Lord is in control.

Be still and know he is God.

He is the Almighty Lord.

Leong Kwok Thye is a member of Kampong Kapor Methodist Church and has been involved in the ministries of Scripture Union, the Bible Study Fellowship and the pastoral care programme of Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) and Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road).