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Growing in faith and love at Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled

Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled (BHID) was started with the belief that the intellectually disabled can be enabled to give their best.We provide training, developmental and recreational activities to equip our residents and Day Activity Centre (DAC) clients with essential life skills to live as full and independent lives as possible. We also actively encourage activities and outings with volunteers as a way of bringing the community to them, and raising public awareness about intellectual disability.

Residential Care
Bishan Home strives to provide an environment of family love and care for its residents and day activity clients. Residents and clients call their caregivers “jie-jie” (Hokkien for sister) and the Home’s accommodation facilities are arranged as Neighborhoods which are further subdivided into family clusters. This way, residents can feel that they are part of a family unit, especially with the nursing staff rooms located in each cluster to enable residents to enjoy immediacy of family bonding, care and love.

In addition, we place much emphasis on volunteers’ efforts and programmes to make our residents feel that they are integrated with society and to enjoy the many attractions that Singapore has.

Equally important are our efforts to give them meaning and purpose by involving them in activities to broaden their experiences.

With the help of volunteers, we engage them in outings to experience Singapore’s development and to interest them in activities like gardening and hydroponics. We are also blessed to have donors who not only sponsor fun activities such as outings, but also programmes to help them develop their talents. Our art collaboration with Very Special Arts has helped us develop the artistic talents of some residents and we are now able to hold art festivals and present some of their paintings as gifts. We also have Chinese painting classes for those interested in the beauty of brush strokes. We are collaborating with a music therapist to hold music classes for those who are less able, and introduce them to the world of sounds. For the very low-functioning residents, we have a sensory room to delight them with lights and sounds. In addition, we also have sewing and cooking classes.

The brother of a BHID resident since 2004 said: “Thank you for taking care of my brother. We can work in peace knowing that he is well taken care of at Bishan Home. My brother enjoys the many outings that your staff and volunteers have organised. I am also happy that he is participating in your supported employment programme that improves his quality of life!”

Day Activity Centre (DAC)
The DAC’s objective is to encourage, enable and enrich the lives of our clients through programmes to achieve a quality of life that maximises their functioning capabilities.

For example, the Training and Development programme coaches all clients in activities of daily living skills, focusing on personal grooming, feeding, mobility and toileting.

They will also be taught community living skills such as meaningful social interactions with others and appropriate social behaviours in a public setting; and community mobility, which entails using traffic lights to cross the road with staff supervision and going to nearby amenities with some assistance.

In addition, they are guided in community activities by participating in social and recreational activities with volunteers organised both within and outside Bishan Home, as well as home living, to engage in simple household chores or food preparation.

A client’s mother said: “I am constantly updated on the progress of my son’s learning. Now he is able to carry out activities of daily living such as dressing up more independently. I would reinforce such activities at home with him.”

If you would like to find out more about our services, please email us at info@bishanhome.org.sg or call 6353-3515.

“I am constantly updated on the progress of my son’s learning. Now he is able to carry out activities of daily living such as dressing up more independently. I would reinforce such activities at home with him.”



Photos courtesy of Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled

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Peggy Chia  is Senior Executive Officer (Registered Social Worker) at Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled.