Healing beyond the physical

Healing beyond the physical
A time of prayer during TRAC Healing Ministry's service on 23 August 2023

At TRAC Healing Ministry and Cairnhill Methodist Church, we have seen God heal all kinds of sickness, ranging from cancer, pain, gastrointestinal issues to deafness. At the most recent TRAC Healing Service in Aldersgate Methodist Church on 23 August 2023, we saw God heal arthritis, claw toe and knee pain; two persons on wheelchairs even started to walk!

Does God heal all the time?

Yet there are some who may ask why God heals in some situations but not in others—I remember a man who came to a healing service held at Christ Methodist Church and God healed him of his hearing problems but he still suffers from trigger finger. My own parents and sister were in a serious accident in the US, when a train hit the car they were in. While God healed my mother’s knee, protected my sister physically and healed her of the emotional trauma, my father did not receive physical healing. (He remained paralysed from chest down but continued to share the gospel on mission trips in a wheelchair. He passed away in 2014.)

Some may even question God’s mode and timing of healing. We really do not know as God’s ways are higher than ours, and he may be healing, but not in the way or time we expect.

Perhaps God wants to deal with the root issue, as demonstrated by a recent encounter we had when ministering to a mother and daughter who were both suffering from slipped discs. While praying for them, the word “stress” came to mind. Upon checking, they both admitted to being under stress, the mother would even be in tears every night. At that prayer session, God touched them and the mother broke down in tears while her daughter felt lighter and fell under the power of the Holy Spirit.

David Chia wheelchair 1
David Chia Badminton
David Chia (Top) in a wheelchair and (Bottom) playing badminton

The more important kind of healing

Besides dealing with the root issues, it is also possible that God does not heal physically so that the more important spiritual healing can take place.

God heals physically, but the physical healing is only a means to something even better—spiritual healing of our relationship with God. Physical healing on its own is futile if it gives someone extra years of life but the person continues to live that life without knowing God. It is for this reason that TRAC Healing Ministry services invite all not just to receive physical healing, but to have the opportunity to receive spiritual healing through accepting Jesus and be drawn into a closer relationship with God.

David Chia, who is 80 years old, first came to Cairnhill Methodist Church on 26 February 2023 in a wheelchair. He had suffered a stroke the previous year and could only manage to walk the length of the hospital ward when he was discharged. His son, Julian, wrote in a message, “His therapist told me his physical recovery had plateaued and any further improvement would be a miracle.” However, after prayers, God started to heal and strengthen David’s legs at an amazing rate. From first travelling the 750m from Newton MRT to Cairnhill Methodist Church in a wheelchair, he is now able to walk the full distance. On 25 June 2023, he further defied the odds by walking up the three flights of stairs to the hall and playing badminton! More important than the physical healing was the spiritual healing as Uncle David was drawn into a closer relationship with God.

The more important healing is spiritual healing—that persons be reconciled with God and experience eternal life in Christ Jesus. The more important healing is the healing of the body of Christ, that brothers- and sisters-in-Christ all around the world may be the hands and feet of Jesus, showing love and bringing God’s healing to all.

Healing beyond the physical2
A time of prayer during TRAC Healing Ministry's service on 23 August 2023

God can heal through you

God brought healing through my parents to others. Many patients and their caregivers that my parents encountered at the hospitals and at physiotherapy would ask them how they could still have joy after the accident. My parents would share about Jesus and hence, bring spiritual healing wherever they go.

God can also bring healing through you. Let’s lead the people around us to Jesus and if they are struggling with sickness, let’s pray for them. It could be as simple as praying, “God, may your healing come upon them.” Just the other day, my ears were blocked and I could not hear properly. My 9-year-old son prayed for me and moments later, I could hear well again. All thanks and praise to God!

Come for TRAC Healing Ministry’s service and invite your friends. The next healing service will be at Bedok Methodist Church on 28 October, 3.00 p.m. To learn more about how you can bring God’s healing to those around you, you may join us at our TRAC Healing training. We welcome Methodist church members and friends from other denominations. Follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/trachealingsingapore to receive the latest news on healing services and training.

Rev Ling Kin Yew is the TRAC Healing Ministry chairperson. He is also a pastor at Cairnhill Methodist Church. / Photos courtesy of TRAC Healing Ministry