Expressions, Touch


There is healing in total darkness

when the garish light

of public life strains

the retina of insight

and the glare of the noonday sun

of harsh reality overwhelms,

when acrid light

casts a jaundiced hue

on every dainty glen

and lush bower

that should bring delight;

when light choked

with the smog of callousness

stings the eye:

there is healing

in the total darkness

of the night.

There is healing in complete silence

for ears weary of incessant chatter,

the clacking of the mahjong chips

of the transactions of chance,

the blare and roar of traffic,

the inroads of noise and loud disco music

jangling the tendrils of the inner ear,

the vileness of daily gossip

and aspersions:

there is healing in the silence of solitude.

There is healing in total abstinence

when taste buds are cloyed

with too much pastry

or with a surfeit of feasting,

when indulgence plagues

the belly with indigestion

or flatulence:

there is healing in abstention for a season.

There is healing in sleep

when eyes bloodshot

through lengthy hours

at the desktop

or through long sittings

of heart-rending serials

begin to itch and vision is blurred;

when too many deadlines

weigh down on the mind

till thought-processes are impaired;

when onerous tasks

cause shoulders to stoop,

and symptoms of illness

flash red:

there is healing only in long sleep.

There is healing in prayer,

when the tides of change sweep away

the sandcastles of material wealth,

when the limits of drugs and surgery

are breached

and the measure of human knowledge

falls short;

when the loss of a loved one

is aspic to the soul

bringing grief inconsolable;

when a pall of darkness

drapes each day

without relief,

the spirit turns to its Creator

out of mind in times

of spice and fatness

but a very present reality

and source of comfort;

He alone can bring transformation

and the miracle of healing

if He wills it.

There is true healing in prayer.

There is healing in death

for those who believe

in the redemptive power

of the Blood of the Lamb,

for the Gates of Paradise

are open to those whose names

are inscribed in the Book of Life;

there are no more tears,

nor suffering, nor pain

but youthful and abundant bliss

in the presence of the Father

for all Eternity:

there is ultimate healing in death.


Dr Oliver Seet –

is a member of Wesley Methodist Church and a Board Director of the Metropolitan YMCA.