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Help plant this SEED

THE Bible Society of Singapore, together with some ministry partners, has launched a project to collect old Bibles from Christians for distribution to the destitute. This endeavour is called Project S.E.E.D. (Scripture Exchange activity to Edify the Destitute).

Christians donating old Bibles will be given discount vouchers for Bibles and Christian literature from the Bible Society of Singapore and its project partner, Mind Manna Christian Bookshop (www.mindmanna.com) respectively.

The Bible Society of Singapore appeals for the support of Methodist Message readers as it hopes to distribute the Bibles to organisations such as Prison Fellowship Singapore Ltd, International Lutheranseafarer’s Mission, The Hiding Place, Gracehaven and other welfare organisations.

Those who wish to take part in the project can contact Ms Michelle Choo at tel: 6337-3222 (ext 31), or can email the organiser at promotion@bible.org.sg